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  • 4 Signs That It's Time to Adjust Your Mindset and Approach

    4 Signs That It's Time to Adjust Your Mindset and Approach

    4 Signs That It's Time to Adjust Your Mindset and Approach Ultimately, how you look at your life is what determines if it is vibrant and exciting or dark, cloudy and lacking clarity and direction. It’s also what’s going to help you crush new exciting goals or stay exactly where you are. When you are consumed with negative thoughts and beliefs, you will discover that you are unhappy with your life. You’ll find a ton of confirmation biased statements in your head that keep you right where you are. They will give you plenty of “reasons” why you are overweight, or why you can’t afford to change; "well my metabolism is screwed up because of this ....

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  • 'Cause You're Hot Then You're Cold?

    'Cause You're Hot Then You're Cold?

    Slow down Katy Perry Fans, we're of course talking about hot and cold therapy for muscle recovery! It's getting kind of trendy, which is not always the best indicator for whether or not something is useful, but we think in this case there's nothing wrong with hopping on this band wagon. Let's get into what it is, why it works, and some tips on how to implement hot/cold or contrast therapy into your routine. What it is...let's break this down one step further; as you know heat therapy and cold therapy are both techniques that can be used separately to aid in recovery. I'm sure you've tried both on separate occasions! Tweaked your back at the gym on deadlift day and laid out on the heating ....

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  • Conor Egan

    Conor Egan

    What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proudof? Marrying my wife Nadia and playing college baseball If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like? I'd probably do a super lazy beach vacation for a month. The rest of the time I would travel Europe and Australia/New Zealand How did you feel before you found TrAk? I had a lot of aches and pains. I did a lot of running for my cardio, but I love the fact that I get that same type of cardio doing weighted circuit training at TrAk How do you feel now? I'm in much better shape and have a lot more endurance since joining. I ....

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  • Why Fat is Vital

    Why Fat is Vital

    Recently I was asked what ONE thing I felt was the most important to understand when it comes to managing our diet. Maybe due to the sheer amount of information (or more accurately, misinformation) that continues to spread around on this topic - the first thing that comes to mind is bettering our understanding of fat. I'm mostly referring to dietary fat here, but I feel like it's valuable and necessary to broach the subject in regards to body fat, too. Either way, the truth is this: fat is vital . In most of the conversations that surround fat in the health and wellness sector, nuance seems to be completely lacking, which has led us down this rabbit hole of black & white, all or ....

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  • How to Stick to Your Commitments When Schedules Change

    Somehow it's already that time of year again?? There's a crispness to the air, kids are heading back to school, everyone's schedules are different this year, we're all adjusting - AGAIN - where did the time go. You may find yourself wondering... how will I prioritize my healthy habits through this season of life? If you're anything like most people, you've found yourself in a similar predicament, asking similar questions before, determined to harness the season change to your advantage and overhaul your diet and lifestyle. And, if you're anything like most people, you may have found yourself fizzling out on this plan just days or maybe weeks into it. "Ah, that was good enough... do I ....

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  • Miranda Grove

    Miranda Grove

    What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proudof? My family - 100% If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like? Clean/Organize/Purge my house. So lame, but that's where I'm at right now lol! How did you feel before you found TrAk? Definitely unmotivated. I thought about working out every day, but found every excuse not to and then would feelguilty. I had some health issues piled on top of being unmotivated so that didn't help, but then that became an excuse too. How do you feel now? So much better, and I actually look forward to my time at TrAk and I can both see and ....

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  • 5 Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

    5 Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

    Starting and maintaining any new habit can be a difficult task to undertake at first because it is indeed something else that you have to remember to do every day. You’re already running the kiddos around, finishing up a project or undertaking at work, trying to find quality time in your relationships; it can feel overwhelming to book in time for one more thing. However, after a while, the effort you put in every day will be well worth it in the long run. Think about the first day of a new diet or exercise routine. At first it may feel exhausting, and you will find yourself feeling sore for a few days - but soon it pays rewards. You wake up a few weeks later and the scale ....

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  • Negativity Bias, and how to Overcome it

    Negativity Bias, and how to Overcome it

    Good morning TrAk fam, today we're digging a little deeper into one aspect of mindset and motivation that SO many of us struggle with from time to time, and maybe surprisingly, for good reason- we're talking about Negativity Bias. We believe knowledge is power, and by simply knowing and understanding why as human beings we have a tendency to operate a certain way, we gain an advantage and can start working with, rather than against ourselves. Negativity Bias , positive/negative asymmetry, or the negativity effect, are all different phrases describing the same phenomenon - that negative experiences or adverse events have a greater effect on ones psychological state than equally positive ....

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  • Foam Rolling!

    Foam Rolling!

    Imagine you're swaggering into the gym, as cool as the man in the photo, your body moves the way you want and you're not dealing with aches and pains. It's probably an epic feeling; the truth is though for most of us, injuries, hours at a desk, and overdoing the gardening this weekend have us feeling less than ideal. It's probably hard for us to cold touch our toes in the morning before moving around for a bit, so what can we do to start moving towards this swagger of regained mobility and feeling more like our 19 year old self? There are a ton of tools in the recovery and mobility side of the fitness industry, but today we want to focus on the biggest bang for the buck with the Foam ....

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  • Gym Shoes. What're THOOOSE???

    Gym Shoes. What're THOOOSE???

    Happy Friday TrAk Fam! We get this one A LOT - what's the right shoe to workout in? A hotly debated and ultimately confusing question for good reason, because the answer is, well... it depends! BUT, we're here to help you break it down, so you can ultimately and confidently make the right decision for YOU. If you throw this question in the ol' search bar these days you're likely to get a lot of something along the lines of "Top 11 Best Workout Shoes for Men/Women 2022" yada yada yada, in which they list the latest and greatest installments of fancy footwear (ie. expensive). If you're into that sort of thing, power to you! But if you're looking for function, and most likely what's going ....

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