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  • An Olympian's Key To Success

    An Olympian's Key To Success

    It was 5am and I was EXHAUSTED. You know the feeling right? I knew I had a really long day ahead, so I got up and headed out to the gym. Pre-softball, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. I have hit early gym classes before and been fine. But my workouts as I train for the Olympics are a lot more taxing and they take a lot longer than my good ol’ “mom-of-three-trying-to-be-in-good-shape workouts.” On top of those, I have 60-90min pitching sessions – and as the months go on, my sessions get longer and by the end of them I am utterly exhausted. And that is just the physical part. I ....

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    OHIO MOTHER OF 3, LAUREN BAY-REGULA, MAKING A RUN AT 2020 OLYMPICS IN TOKYO Twelve years after her last Olympics and 4 years after her last international competition, Ohio mother-of-three and entrepreneur overcomes the odds to make one last historic run at the Olympic Games AKRON, Ohio — Softball Canada released its athlete-pool for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 20 athletes were named, 15 of them head to Tokyo. Headlining that announcement is the return of Lauren Bay-Regula of Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Bay-Regula last played in the Olympics at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and most recently finished with a bronze medal in the 2016 World ....

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  • 3 Reasons Your Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

    3 Reasons Your Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

    3 Reasons The Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health Being a parent is a full- time job that is often characterized by long hours of diaper changes, pureeing and very little sleep. Even if your child is old enough to eat solid food and take care of his business, your time and schedule still revolve around them. According to a recent report by HealthyWomenand Working Mother , at least 78% of mothers neglect their health in a bid to take care of their families. We, as mothers, tend to establish a pattern of putting the kids first from the time they are born. The motherly instinct kicks in immediately and the need to take care of the child need overtakes us. A study ....

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  • Live Big Travels

    Live Big Travels

    “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate people than to travel with them”- Mark Twain I love this quote, because of the humor that we all can share in it. Each and every one of us has taken a trip with our loved ones, and left the experience wondering how amazing the experience was of experiencing the world with someone. The quote highlights the fact that one cannot simply love or hate someone till they travel with them. I recently went on my Live Big Trip. This trip is something TrAk Athletics funds for its coaches in an effort to help us utilize our strength and fitness outside the gym in a normal life setting. It ....

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  • The Secret Difference Between the Right and Wrong Foods

    The Secret Difference Between the Right and Wrong Foods

    Author: Lauren Regula [Read Time: 4min] So…this question could come at any given time on any given day… “Is (insert food) ok to eat?” Is it okay to eat Gluten-Free bread? Is deli meat bad for me? Are KIND bars okay? The list is literally a mile long. We understand that you are looking for a simple “yes” or “no” answer when you ask this question, but it just ain’t that simple. Hopefully by now you know our view on this is. If you don’t here it is, take it all in. Really digest it. There is no RIGHT and WRONG. There are only CHOICES. Read it again. As our son Jack says, “No No No”. Read ....

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  • 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Having To Make a New Years Resolution

    3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Having To Make a New Years Resolution

    Author: Lauren Regula [Read Time: 4min] I'm leading with a little tough truth here this morning. If you wait till the New Year to start getting fit or even more will most likely fail. You know the feeling. Waking up on January 2nd feeling like it's finally time to get your ass in gear and work off the past SIX WEEKS of eating and drinking. You head to the gym. It's PACKED with people thinking the same thing and going through the same motions. People cramming into crazy "boot camp" style workouts mistakenly thinking they can burn their way out of the 10lbs they just put on. 80% of those people will fail according to U.S. News and World Report.
    Most by ....

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  • 3 Things You Must Give Up ASAP to Gain Long-Term Health

    Author: Dave Regula [Read Time: 4min] If you are going to be the leader that the people in your life need, you must be your best self and be in your best health. The search for that health has probably taken you to the internet where you found too many people trying to sell you too many new things. Rather than give you more things to buy or add to your life, I'm going to give you three behaviors or ideas that you can TAKE OUT of your daily life to increase your health and ultimately your happiness. Quit these three things now to create momentum with your health and give you the best chance at long term success.
    1. Counting Calories…the kind you ....

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  • Why the Traditional Gym Membership (Usually) Doesn't Work

    Why the Traditional Gym Membership (Usually) Doesn't Work

    Author: Dave Regula [Read Time: 4min]
    Fun fact:
    traditional gyms want you to fail. In fact, they hope you fail . A traditional gym membership is built on the plan that you’re not going to show up. Think about all the people you know who have traditional gym memberships and don’t use them. Imagine if every registered member actually showed up to work out — it’d be chaos. There would be fistfights over the elliptical and even that thigh machine that no one understands. Meanwhile, the rower would still be dusty and unused (but that’s another story for another time). These gyms use that tempting low price to bring you in and buy, but no one actually ....

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  • The Secret & Healthy Way to Eat Pizza

    The Secret & Healthy Way to Eat Pizza

    Author: Dave Regula [Read Time: 5min] I want to quickly talk about pizza, the best way to eat it, and how it can help you lose weight and feel better over the next seven days. And no it's not too good to be true. The quick backstory. On Saturday afternoon I found myself at Skyzone for a birthday party. Yes, SkyZone the trampoline park, and yes I will admit that I'm not a fan of massive birthday parties. ( Please email me if you genuinely like kids' birthday parties and depending on your explanation I will either make you a plaque or call you a liar.) As the jumping finished up I was surrounded by a few brave parents, 20 kids under the age of 8, and two massive ....

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  • You Can Become Happier and Healthier…Without Rearranging Your Life

    You Can Become Happier and Healthier…Without Rearranging Your Life

    If you think you don’t have time in your life to work out, you’re wrong. Being healthy and happy doesn’t mean you have to change your entire life around so you have room for a couple hours of exercise a week. Stop saying you’ll work on getting in shape when you have time, and dedicate yourself to being healthy and happy right now. “I don’t have time” is the grown up version of “the dog ate my homework” We all have a ton going on in our lives, and it can seem difficult to be able to make time for fitness with everything else that needs our time. However, if you’re feeling drained or exhausted halfway through the day, doing ....

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