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  • Eating After the Workout

    Eating After the Workout

    Eating After the Workout - Is the Clock Running!?
    We receive a couple common questions here at TrAk and one that pops up the most is what should someone eat right after a workout, is there a specific time limit that they HAVE to eat between, and if they don’t eat within this limit, is their workout pointless... The conversation starts something like this: “So… I read an article that said everything I did at the gym is basically wasted if I don’t eat protein within the next 30 mins, is that true?”. Our long answer; Yes, you should get some protein and carbs back in your system; BUT don’t feel the pressure of 30 mins. ....

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  • Be selfish about your health!

    Be selfish about your health!

    “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – The most clique but truest statement ever. YOU are an awesome, valuable person and have so much to offer others and share to them. However, you cannot offer any of what you want to give to others: Love, knowledge, compassion, etc. if you pour from a half empty cup. You need to focus on filling yours first. There is a reason why on an airplane, the flight attendants tell you to put your breathing mask on first before your child. You can’t help them if you don’t help yourself. You need to be more selfish when it comes to your health and fitness. Most of us know health and fitness is important but we struggle ....

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  • Brandon Nordmeyer

    Brandon Nordmeyer

    What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of?
    My two kids – Bryan and Elizabeth. If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like?

    Iwouldbe travellingthe world with my family. I want my kids tobe able to see and experienceallthehistory, architecture, nature,people, cultures,sights,sound,etc.t hat the world has to offer. It would beone epic trip! How did you feel before you foundTrAk?

    Stagnant andUnhealthy. How do you feel now?

    I feel well! I’m muchstronger andhave waymore energy. How hasTrAkchanged youreveryday life?

    Hitting the gym has become something that I ....

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  • Your Secret Superpower for Success

    Your Secret Superpower for Success

    What if we told you that you can change your life just by simply changing your thoughts? How you talk to yourself internally matters. It can make or break a new fitness routine, self-confidence, diet, or habit that you set out to achieve. You (for the most part) can’t go more than 3 secs without a thought, creating images and your total world within your head. This makes your self-talk a superpower within you, capable of shaping your universe! Much like all superpowers though they can be used both positively or negatively. SO - You have a superpower of positive self-talk, now where is your cape and how do you use it!? In order to better understand your new-found superpower, ....

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    Let’s take a few to chat about those Zzz’s…. Specifically, your sleep hygiene. What does that term mean anyway? Great question. Essentially, sleep hygiene is the habits that set you into a routine to be able to produce the best sleep quality possible! Your sleep affects EVERYTHING. Mood, energy, appetite, hormones. The list goes on! Here are three things that will improve your sleep hygiene: 1. Have a regular bedtime routine. Why? This simple step helps relax the body before climbing under those sheets. A simple plan that you can start to follow….No TV or cellphone glaring 20 minutes before you hit the hay. Next, brush those ....

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  • Day One on the Long Road to Tokyo 2020

    Day One on the Long Road to Tokyo 2020

    DAY ONE FEELINGS It was 7:04 am on Wednesday, October 16th and I was just waking up in my hotel room. I rolled over in a panic to look at my phone and see what time it was. Immediately, based on the time, I started picturing what was going on at home. The kids were rolling out of bed. Dave was just getting breakfast started. Then the thoughts started coming: "Are their lunches packed?" "Do they have their snacks?" "Is Jack's planner signed?" "Are their take-home folders back in their bags?" And a moment of panic hit me. Here is a little bit of backstory… I had accepted an invitation to re-join Softball Canada in September, and the opportunity to ....

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  • An Olympian's Key To Success

    An Olympian's Key To Success

    It was 5am and I was EXHAUSTED. You know the feeling right? I knew I had a really long day ahead, so I got up and headed out to the gym. Pre-softball, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. I have hit early gym classes before and been fine. But my workouts as I train for the Olympics are a lot more taxing and they take a lot longer than my good ol’ “mom-of-three-trying-to-be-in-good-shape workouts.” On top of those, I have 60-90min pitching sessions – and as the months go on, my sessions get longer and by the end of them I am utterly exhausted. And that is just the physical part. I ....

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    OHIO MOTHER OF 3, LAUREN BAY-REGULA, MAKING A RUN AT 2020 OLYMPICS IN TOKYO Twelve years after her last Olympics and 4 years after her last international competition, Ohio mother-of-three and entrepreneur overcomes the odds to make one last historic run at the Olympic Games AKRON, Ohio — Softball Canada released its athlete-pool for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 20 athletes were named, 15 of them head to Tokyo. Headlining that announcement is the return of Lauren Bay-Regula of Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Bay-Regula last played in the Olympics at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and most recently finished with a bronze medal in the 2016 World ....

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  • Evelyn David

    Evelyn David

    What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of?
    I am most proud of my children.They have grown to be amazing adults with talents (not from me), principles and integrity. If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that look like?
    I would definitely travel: first within the US because there is still more I haven’t seen and then return to Great Britain. I loved it when I went in my single years. How did you feel before you found TrAk?
    I was tired, stiff and sore most of the time. Life was not very fun.
    How do you feel now?
    Now I have the energy to go out and find/make fun! I am no longer ....

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  • 3 Reasons Your Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

    3 Reasons Your Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

    3 Reasons The Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health Being a parent is a full- time job that is often characterized by long hours of diaper changes, pureeing and very little sleep. Even if your child is old enough to eat solid food and take care of his business, your time and schedule still revolve around them. According to a recent report by HealthyWomenand Working Mother , at least 78% of mothers neglect their health in a bid to take care of their families. We, as mothers, tend to establish a pattern of putting the kids first from the time they are born. The motherly instinct kicks in immediately and the need to take care of the child need overtakes us. A study ....

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