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More Than A Gym.

We're more than just a gym -- we're a unique community driven by the belief that the quality of your life is directly correlated to the quality of your health..

We believe fitness is physical, mental, AND emotional and we train our TrAk Family to maximize each one.

We believe life begins outside the gym and we train you for it. Nothing helps you become a better parent, spouse, or boss than the strength and confidence you’ll find training with us.

Also. We’re just a really fun group of people. :)


This training facility is proudly owned by Lauren and Dave Regula, a 3x Olympian and a former financial trader who have spent their lives following their passion while maintaining a balance between career success, enjoying their thriving family, and training hard. They KNOW you can have it all.

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Mom, are you being SELFISH or SELFLESS? Trish will answer that question. There is nothing more important when it comes to leading your family than being a STRONG MOM which only helps you lead a STRONG FAM.

Personal Training near Fairlawn


"I've already peaked, what' the use" - Something we hear OVER and OVER in society as men. But is it the truth? Kyle will disagree.

Personal Training near Fairlawn


Personal Training near Fairlawn


Find out what a dedicated strength program and incredible community combined with some consistency can do for your body and your family.

Personal Training near Fairlawn


Brandon is down SEVENTY POUNDS after 9 months and all while GAINING STRENGTH. Oh, and he travels internationally for work and maintains a busy family life with young kids. He is an incredible example for anyone looking to maximize their life at home...at work...and in the mirror. Take notes.

Personal Training near Fairlawn


"I work out so I can never stop having amazing experiences outside the gym". -Dean This is literally why we exist at TrAk. Experiences over everything. Business Owner and Family Man is keeping up with people half his age in the gym and on the slopes.

Personal Training near Fairlawn


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