Mom, are you being SELFISH or SELFLESS? Trish will answer that question. There is nothing more important when it comes to leading your family than being a STRONG MOM which only helps you lead a STRONG FAM.


"I've already peaked, what' the use" - Something we hear OVER and OVER in society as men. But is it the truth? Kyle will disagree.


A Few of The OGs

"I work out so I can never stop having amazing experiences outside the gym". -Dean This is literally why we exist at TrAk. Experiences over everything. Business Owner and Family Man is keeping up with people half his age in the gym and on the slopes.


Brandon is down SEVENTY POUNDS after 9 months and all while GAINING STRENGTH. Oh, and he travels internationally for work and maintains a busy family life with young kids. He is an incredible example for anyone looking to maximize their life at work...and in the mirror. Take notes.



Tom is down 35 pounds in 6 months all while managing a hectic business life and two crazy boys.

The Best Shape of His Life at 40?!

Learn how you can find not only your strength as a Mom at the gym, but also your friends


What if you could run LESS and get MUCH FASTER? Oh...and gain a TON of STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE? It's 100% possible and Hannah will tell you how...


Jason is TrAk. Listen to how he feels when he's in our community...on top of gaining 20lbs of muscle!


Denise! She was incredibly hesitant to start and spent weeks spying on us. Know where she is coming from? She dove in and hasn't looked back. The smile says it all.


I was tired and didn't feel good about myself. I've now lost 35 pounds! My sons and daughter now see me as a much more active person.

Amanda Carroll

This challenge has been amazing. I did the challenge remotely from BC and still felt connected to the people while I lost 15.2 lbs. The meal plan is easy enough to choose good foods from and the recipes in the recipe book are awesome. I think I tried all of them. My workouts were challenging but awesome. It was personalized for me half way thru as I had surgery on my hand so was limited to lower body and core and the workouts were still awesome. Checking in on FB helped me feel connected and the support from others was great! I would recommend this challenge to everyone.

Renee MacCormack

TrAk is LIFE CHANGING! I started with doing the 6-week challenge and lost over 9% body fat in such little time. Not only do you get the best of the best nutrition plan, coaches and workouts, you’re immediately welcomed into a supportive, family-like community... absolutely the best! I’ve been a part of the TrAk Fam for about 8 months now and I can’t thank them enough for changing the workout game - it’s exciting, gives results and is actually FUN! I can’t imagine my weeks without coming here to workout anymore, so I will be a lifetime member. Highly recommend to everyone!!

Mary Ramnytz


Before I found TrAk, I felt stagnant… NOW, I feel more energized and stronger.

Anne Dougherty

I officially love TrAk Athletics. I've always dreaded going to the gym (and some days that's still true) but thanks to the coaches, members and the fun dynamic, it's become something I actually look forward to. Very thankful to have found TrAk!

Arami Kerkian


TrAk has been just what my husband and I needed. The coaches are very encouraging throughout the workout and accommodating if an exercise needs to be altered. I have never been one to go to the gym and work out on my own. TrAk pushes me to do things that I wouldn't typically do. This was a fantastic jump start to my journey. I look forward to continuing with TrAk after my 6-Week Challenge is complete.

Emily White


I have virtually eliminated the common training injuries I've experienced in the past all while elevating my overall level of strength and cardiovascular fitness. I feel the approach they take is a smarter way of training for the long term with significant emphasis on lifestyle, getting outside, and family fitness. I'm as strong as I was in college and able complete 20+ mile races all while training around my family and running a company.

Will Harper

If you are considering TrAk, the best advice I could give you is get through that door and try a couple of classes. You won't regret it. You know how they say follow your bliss? Well I followed it right to TrAk. It is the best decision I've made to upgrade my happiness in a long time! The coaches are outstanding, the program is well thought out and based on science, the facility is great, and the vibe is just all-around fabulous. I consistently look forward to my workouts because of this place. I'm never bored. I love the energy, the camaraderie, and the friendly competition. I haven't felt this way since I played sports year-round and I have no intention of stopping -- I'm so glad to be part of the TrAk family! Do yourself a favor...

Brenda Hite

TrAk is a place I love to come to and look forward to each class. It’s usually the highlight of my day!

Emily Resek

Brianne Alaburda

Have never been to a gym where I immediately felt welcomed and part of the family. The coaches all work with you to modify any movement as needed and are encouraging and most importantly genuine and kind people. Thank you TrAk Athletics, I'm hooked!

Brenda Hite

TrAk is a place I love to come to and look forward to each class. It’s usually the highlight of my day!

Catey Breck

Brianne Alaburda

Life changing! One year ago, I decided I looked and felt old but my mind said I’m still young. So, I took on the T12 challenge and haven’t stopped since. Dropped 20+ pounds and lost over 10% body fat. Could not have done it without my TrAk Fam. The knowledge and support of the entire staff is second to none. TrAk is a welcoming environment for everyone wanting to improve their lifestyle, health, appearance and self-confidence. This is a place to get fit, make new friends and have fun!!
Goodbye dad bod, hello 6 pack!! 😳

Ron Fisher

I started at TrAk when my daughter was about 18 months old. I was miserable out of shape and when I walked into TrAk I honestly laughed and tried to walk out. Lauren got to me though and encouraged me to try it out. Who would have known I would have found a community that would become like family and change my life forever!

Jess Gonser


Before this, I'd taken about...20 to 30 YEARS off from exercise. Thanks to the coaches and amazing workouts I've GAINED 20 POUNDS OF MUSCLE.

Jason Hicks


After 3 and a half years at TrAk, I actually crave the workouts and my day just doesn’t feel as good if I haven’t gotten to the gym first

Kyle Eberhardt

I’ve always believed that in order to be successful, you need discipline. The environment at TrAk embodies that.

Mark Bober

TrAk is different. If you are looking for your everyday boring gym, TrAk isn’t your place. If you are looking for a community workout program that pushes you to be your best but can be tailored to people with injuries and limitations, then TrAk is where you need to be. The owners and coaches are absolutely wonderful, and the people that make up the TrAk community are incredibly friendly and supportive, which all make working out fun again!

Michael White


Climbed my first 14er in Breckenridge, CO. Quandary Peak, 7.2 miles, 3320 ft. vertical climb, mostly through rock, to 14,265 feet. 3.25 hours to ascend, 2.5 down. Honestly the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. It. Was. Amazing. #liveBIG

Tina Kremerr

Having a career and young kids means my social life usually takes the backseat… but TrAk has become a huge part of my social life and I’m thriving.

Jeff Bloomhuff


I just finished the 6 week challenge at Trak. It’s the best thing I have done for myself in years! I was skeptical at first if I would be able to do the workouts but the coaches were great and encouraging and I found myself losing weight every week and getting stronger! My results were amazing and I am excited to continue my journey at Trak! I love the workouts and all the positive energy.

Sheila Otto

We don't guarantee results. Results are on an individual basis as they require participants full participation in a program. Even then we cannot guarantee an individual will achieve these results.

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