Become The Hero You Needed. Join Our Semi-Private Fitness Program!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the best version of yourself? Look no further than our exclusive Epic Life Project—a semi-private training program meticulously designed to unlock your full potential in a small group setting of 2-4 individuals.

Tailored Workouts: Experience personalized workouts crafted to suit your unique fitness level, goals, and preferences. Our expert trainers curate each session, ensuring that every exercise is purposeful, challenging, and geared towards your progress.

Nutritional Guidance: Say hello to sustainable lifestyle changes! Receive comprehensive nutritional guidance that aligns with your fitness objectives. Learn the art of balanced eating, gain insights into healthy food choices, and foster habits that fuel your body and mind.

Accountability Coaching: We believe in your success! Our dedicated coaches provide unwavering support and accountability, ensuring you stay on track with your fitness journey. Receive motivation, encouragement, and the tools needed to overcome obstacles along the way.

The Epic Life Project isn't just about workouts—it's a holistic approach to wellness, aiming for sustainable lifestyle transformations. Join a community of like-minded individuals driven by the pursuit of their best selves. Let's set goals, break barriers, and achieve milestones together!

We have a few different groups in the Epic Life Project: Men's Health, Women's Health, Women's Specialty, Men's Strength, Women's Strength, Pre-Post Natal, Weight loss, Body Transformation and More...

Become The Best You Through Fitness at TrAk Athletics!

The Epic Life Project is about self-improvement, about unlocking the potential of individuals across our Akron community, and about giving everyone -- regardless of gender, background, or ability -- the opportunity to become their best self. Our team at TrAk Athletics understands that no journey is easy, but we're here to give you the tools you need to live with confidence!

Take advantage of our Semi-Private Fitness program

  • Create sustainable weight loss and lean muscle gain

  • Receive tailored support and nutrition planning

  • Get support & accountability from an incredible community

Get Started With The Epic Life Project Now!

Whether you're a working mom struggling to find time for fitness, A busy Dad trying to squeeze into his old jeans or you need to find a way to unglue from work and reduce your stress, The Epic Life Project is committed to helping Individuals from around the Akron, Bath, and Copley areas get the support they need to unlock their true potential! Join us for an amazing community, an intense workout, and a suite of resources that are all 100% dedicated to your lasting success. Read more about our approach in LA WIRE.

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