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  • Why You Should Throw Yourself a Farewell Party

    Why You Should Throw Yourself a Farewell Party

    Here’s a unique concept that can help you to become the best version of yourself possible: Throw yourself a party! Okay, so hear me out. This party isn’t just going to be a regular knees up. Instead, this party is going to be about saying goodbye to an old chapter in your life – even an old version of yourself – and welcoming the new. Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye Too many of us find that we feel “trapped” by our own personalities, our histories, and our traits. We can get trapped in something called “pattern thinking” or “type thinking” where we behave the way we always have… just because we always ....

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  • Micronutrients


    If you've ever sought after basic diet and nutrition support, whether through a trained professional or perusing the internet, magazines, self-help books - likely the main focus was on macros, calories, food groups, cooking, hydration, tips and tricks to keep you on track, etc. etc. All good and valuable, but I'm willing to bet there wasn't a tremendous focus on the tiny little powerhouses that are essential in allowing our body to carry-out its day-to-day operations: micronutrients. Small but mighty, just because micronutrient requirements are counted in milligrams does not make them any less important than the macros (counted in grams). So what are they, where do they came from, are ....

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  • Consistency vs. Intensity

    Consistency vs. Intensity

    Wise Words coming at you from one of the greats, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson today: “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” I know, I know - the consistency talk can start to sound a little repetitive (there's a joke in here somewhere), but it's because it's truly valuable information that we need to hear on repeat! If I asked you which is more important, consistency or intensity, where does your mind go? I get it - we're looking for the biggest bang for our buck. Increased intensity and output can be a useful measure of growth and success. But what about the days where you're ....

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  • Julie Foltz

    Julie Foltz

    What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of? My biggest accomplishment is being a mom, I am so incredibly proud of our two boys. If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like? I would take three months and travel and spend time with my family. I love building memories with the kids and my husband. How did you feel before you found TrAk? I never felt strong before Trak. How do you feel now? Trak has made feel so much stronger and more mobile. It has also helped me gain strength after knee surgery even through modifications. How has TrAk changed ....

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  • Happy Memorial Day!

    Happy Memorial Day!

    What's up TrAk fam! We wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy Holiday, and hope you're taking some time away from the hustle and bustle to slow down, spend some quality time with friends and family, and to celebrate and honor those we've lost while serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day Weekend really kick's off the Summer, so we thought we'd offer up some of our favorite seasonal drink recipes that will taste great and help keep you on track, today and all summer long. Click the link, go enter your email, and we will send you the download! We also wanted to offer some tips we have in the guide to stay on-track this summer season: 1. Have a plan. If ....

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  • The Most Important Meal of the Day?

    The Most Important Meal of the Day?

    It's Breakfast! Right? No- wait it's lunch now? But my biggest meal is dinner... somebody make it make sense! Sound familiar? Would it be at all surprising to you if I told you all of this and none of this can be true all at once, hence why it's so confusing and why there seems to be so much conflicting information floating around out there? Let's discuss, one meal at a time, in no particular order- but we'll start with breakfast. I know we have ALL heard "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" uttered many times before. Perhaps you've said it yourself! The first meal of the day is appropriately named for "breaking your fast" from the hopefully long and restful night of sleep ....

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  • Jerrod Woll

    Jerrod Woll

    What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of? Being Married to my wife for 21 years and raising twins with her! If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like? I would tour famous concert venues and see my favorite bands play in them. How did you feel before you found TrAk? Not as good as I feel since I found Trak! How do you feel now? Like I’m part of a really cool group of people How has TrAk changed your everyday life? I’m more focused and have a lot more energy! ....

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  • What's the Hype with BCAAs??

    What's the Hype with BCAAs??

    Are you feeling stuck in your fitness gains and/or lost on your weight loss goal? You'd probably be with most people and then you'd start reading about all the things you could do in training, and in diets, and you'd eventually find yourself in the supplement game. Where every few weeks the "New Miracle Supplement" is discovered or created. It makes it hard to sort between Bull***t and bulletproofing yourself with supplements. Thats why we wanted to break down some supplements for you to sort through 'em. If you've got your finger on the pulse in the fitness world, you may have heard quite a buzz about BCAA's at some point. Maybe you've tried 'em, maybe you like 'em, maybe you're confused ....

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  • The Un-sexy Power of Habits

    The Un-sexy Power of Habits

    We're meditating on these Wise Words this Wednesday! “New goals don't deliver new results. New lifestyles do.” When was the last time you felt like you saw real, tangible results? How did it happen? Was it simply deciding one day on a new goal and then BOOM there it is? Or was it the consistent, mindful, day-to-day choices that got you where you wanted to go? Of course goal setting is a crucial piece of the puzzle. It's a great idea to check in periodically and take inventory on where we are and where we want to go - whether it's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career-oriented, fitness related, family friendly, or most likely a wild combination of all the ....

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  • Detox!?


    Hoo-boy has the health and wellness industry had a lot to say about Detoxing over the years... from marketing ploys to selling supplements or other miracle products, juice cleanses, to Infrared Saunas and everywhere in between, it can feel a little crazy-making trying to figure out what's what - and more importantly - what's right for YOU. For the purposes of this article, we are referring specifically to the process the body goes through to get rid of waste. Although you might want to consider this a reminder that the same principles are going to apply to a mental detox. We are all to some degree exposed to toxins on a daily basis - from pollution to mold to poor quality foods and water ....

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