Debbie Deboer: May AOM

Debbie Deboer: May AOM

What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of?

My kids, Cory (24) & Caitlyn (22)


If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like?

Traveling to places I've never been - Australia, Galapagos, Italy


How did you feel before you found TrAk?

Turning 50 kicked my butt - I felt old and tired 


How do you feel now?

Amazing and strong!


How has TrAk changed your everyday life?

I wake up early every day to work out and actually look forward to it


Goals...personal, professional, family?

Keep my family going strong


If you were in a band what existing band/group do you see yourself  in?

I am the opposite of musical  : )


Best place to travel that you've ever been?



What three people [living or dead] would you go camping with next weekend?

My boyfriend, Betty White, John Denver


Favorite movie?

Star Wars


Best piece of advice you've ever received?

Start putting money in your 401k right away when you're young


At what age were you in the best shape of your life?



Words to live by or favorite quote?

May the force be with you!


What adventure do you plan to have in the future?

RV trip across Route 66


Favorite book and why?

Love Finds You in Sugarcreek - because my sister was in the movie adaptation!


Something interesting we don't know about you?

I went on a dental mission trip to Guatemala with my daughter


What do you like most about being apart of the TrAk Family?

How nice everyone is


Biggest accomplishment at the gym?

consistency in attendance

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