Implementing Visualization through Meditation

Implementing Visualization through Meditation

We recently talked about the myriad benefits visualization techniques can have on setting and achieving your goals. While we hope you found this information valuable, let me ask you something... 

Have you been using visualization techniques since reading about them here?

It's a shared human experience, you know. Reading about something and thinking "yeah I'll try that" and then just, not doing it.. or trying it but not sticking with it, especially if it didn't immediately make a huge difference. 

There is a very real difference between a thought, or an intention, vs. actual action, doing. We've all been there before, maybe you're there with something right now. You know what your goals are, and you might even know how to get there, but you keep seeming to get in your own way when it comes down to the day-today details. The action plan. The doing.

It of course doesn't help that we are constantly inundated with new information. Algorithms on social media tailoring more and MORE content based off of everything you've ever interacted with, so you wind up stuck in a loop of receiving new info without ever implementing anything. Or, you try something new everyday, but never get a chance to build a habit. You're stretched too thin, overwhelmed with choices, and ultimately stay stuck in the taking in new information, or thinking really hard about doing phase, but not actually doing it.

So let's try it another way. Let's take the next week, start small, hone in on what's right here and just commit to that. 

Try out this visualization technique

1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down: You'll want to be in a position where you can relax your body and your mind. Create a quiet space where you won't be disturbed or interrupted. 

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths: Take some time to breathe deeply and let go of any tension you may be holding in your body. It may help to do a quick body scan, in which you spend some time focusing on each area of the body, starting at the head and working your way down to your feet, or vice versa. 

3. Focus on your breath: Once you’re feeling relaxed, focus on your breath. Notice the sensation of your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Think about breathing in through your nose, and out through your nose (or mouth). It can help to place one or both hands on your belly to engage diaphragmatic breathing (feeling your belly rise and expand, instead of your chest/ribcage). 

4. Begin to visualize your goal: Once you’re focused on your breath, begin to visualize your goal. See yourself achieving it and living the life you want. Feel what it would be like to achieve your goal. What would it feel like? What would you see? What would you hear? 

5. Hold the image in your mind: Continue to hold the image in your mind for as long as possible. Focus on it and see it, feel it and become it. Allow yourself to spend some time here, be curious and explore what comes up. 

6. Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths: When you’re ready, open your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Take a moment to reflect, and write down any thoughts or feelings that you had during or after the meditation. 


Carve out time for this practice every day for the next week. That's it, 5 to 10 minutes once a day for 7 days. Once the week is up, you'll have some clarity on what to do next. Maybe now you start to reap some of the benefits of this visualization technique and decide you want to commit to another week for 10-15 minutes! Maybe you really do feel like this practice isn't right for you, but at least now you can make the informed decision based off of your lived experience and info you've gathered, which should help guide you towards what IS next.

No one else can do this part of the work for you. You can count on continuing to be inundated with suggestions, emails, ads, TikToks reels and commercials etc. etc. etc. But you won't know what works best for you until you really give something a try. ONE. THING. Start there! Who knows how far you'll be able to take it, what you can build with just one commitment towards one thing, and shifting your mindset in favor of your intuition as a guide. 

It can feel daunting to go it alone when it comes to changing behaviors and habits. And while we do believe that you are your best teacher, we can help provide the framework in which you navigate and gather more information. 

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