Wait, Thanksgiving's Just One Day??

Wait, Thanksgiving's Just One Day??

Ahh yes, Thanksgivingthe holiday where options seem to be endless and carrying two plates back to the table isn’t frowned upon, and might even be encouraged. Now don’t get me wrong, tasting a little bit of everything is not a bad thing, but it's the size of the portion that counts. Portion control on the holidays can make or break how you feel later on in the day or even throughout the week. There are many ways to not only prevent overeating, but to also portion out your food so that you can get a taste for everything without turning each side into the main entree. 


First let's talk about ways to keep you out of the kitchen and feeling full leading up to or even during Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Add protein to each meal prior to and during: Protein is a vital macronutrient for not only muscle building and maintenance, but also with satiety. It is a huge component for boosting metabolism and increasing the number of calories burned. 

  • Drink water throughout the day: Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning not only jump-starts your metabolism, but will also help your body determine if you are truly hungry or just thirsty. 

  • Stay active: This could involve a pre-meal workout or a post-meal walk. Whatever gets you up and moving will aid in digestion as well as keep you on track with your goals!

  • Check in with yourself when you are halfway through your meal: This means taking a break and evaluating if you are eating too fast, if you feel full, and even if you are truly enjoying what you’re eating. 

  • Enjoy a balanced breakfast and lunch: Too often you hear of people restricting themselves leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. This is not only a bad habit to adopt, but also encourages you to overeat by justifying seconds and sometimes thirds because “it’s the only meal you had all day”. 


Here are a few examples for portioning your favorite Thanksgiving dishes:

  • 4-5oz of Turkey or Meat of choice- about a deck of cards or a little wider than your palm

  • ½ cup of a starch (sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, or stuffing) - about a baseball amount

  • 1-2 cups of vegetable- 1-2 fist fulls

  • 2 tbsp of Gravy or sauces - about 2 dice or 2 thumbs worth

  • 1 Dessert ( Slice of pie OR Slice of cake OR Slice of pumpkin roll, OR whatever you prefer...) 


The holiday season doesn’t have to be full of guilt and setbacks. If you continue to set yourself up for a hamster wheel of “dieting and restricting” you will always be someone who has to have a New Years resolution to get back to where you were before the holiday season. Instead, treat Thanksgiving like another day and you will set yourself to eat more nutritionally dense foods with a balanced mindset.


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