How to Enjoy Spooky Season Without Falling Off Track

How to Enjoy Spooky Season Without Falling Off Track



There is nothing like good food and holiday festivities with family and friends! The question is, how can we enjoy the treats of the holidays without experiencing extreme setbacks? Let's talk about Halloween for example, candy apples, candy bar miniatures, and let’s not forget about possibly the most polarizing Halloween treat - candy corn (love it or hate it, it's here to stay). There has to be a way to indulge without overindulging. As a society we typically go for the all or nothing mentality, but whatever happened to simply finding balance in lifestyle and food choices? We've got you covered with 4 tips to enjoy spooky season without feeling weighed down by guilt and unnecessary calories:

  • Ditch the candy the day after Halloween: It’s just as simple as that! The day after Halloween is your “digestive recovery” day! That means back to your regularly scheduled programming. This will not only keep you on track, but also make way for upcoming holidays to be more enjoyable!

  • Swap out high sugar snacks for healthier options: If you are a Pinterest person like myself, you will know that a simple “healthy halloween snacks” search will give you tons of swap out options for those who may have a Halloween celebration that extends into multiple days. Offer to bring a fun and healthy dish with you to that party and share - I guarantee you won't be the only one reaching for something high quality and tasty.

  • Pay attention to serving sizes for those miniature candy bars: Anyone who's found themselves with a surplus knows how easy it is to go to town on those mini's - just 2 more, one more, one more after that, oooh I haven't tried this flavor yet... suddenly you're 10 treats deep and your dopamine is flying off the charts (which means it'll be harder to resist the sugar cravings when you come back down). This year, let's avoid this trap altogether by paying attention to the serving size on the back of the assorted candy bag. This will give an idea of how many candy bars you are suggested to consume along with how much sugar per serving!

  • Stay hydrated and eat protein: Holidays typically consist of drinking and eating a lot of carbohydrates and not eating nearly enough protein or staying hydrated. By drinking water throughout the day and eating your recommended amount of protein, you may notice that you feel fuller, limiting the amount of snacks you eat throughout the day!



This Halloween, let go of the mindset that you have to either restrict or overindulge. Instead, start your day off right with balance by hydrating, eating a high protein breakfast and lunch to not only feel nourished, but to set the tone for the day's festivities. When we are intentional and mindful, we are less likely to let food control us and better able to really enjoy, savor and appreciate the sweet treats in the moment. The more present you can be, the more likely you'll be to put the candy down when it's time, and get right back into routine. One day of enjoyment will not set you back; it's what you do in the days, weeks months following that count. 


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