Conor Egan

Conor Egan

What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of?

Marrying my wife Nadia and playing college baseball 


If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like? 

I'd probably do a super lazy beach vacation for a month.  The rest of the time I would travel Europe and Australia/New Zealand 


How did you feel before you found TrAk?

I had a lot of aches and pains.  I did a lot of running for my cardio, but I love the fact that I get that same type of cardio doing weighted circuit training at TrAk 


How do you feel now? 

I'm in much better shape and have a lot more endurance since joining.  I love that it's more focused on weight training than other gyms I've been to, but not as hard on my body.


How has TrAk changed your everyday life?

 TrAk has become part of my everyday routine, and it has helped me make healthier decisions throughout the day.


Goals...personal, professional, family?

To complete the Murph with pullups next year and no ring rows!


If you were in a band what existing band/group do you see yourself  in?

 The Lumineers

Best place to travel that you've ever been?

Every year my friends and I do a white water rafting trip on the New River in West Virginia.  West Virginia is one of my favorite states


What personal failure has helped lead to your ultimate success? 

I'm in sales, so failing is part of the job.  But continuing to show up and being consistent in all parts of life is the key to long term success


What’s the craziest thing you've seen in the gym? 

Nick Chubb squatting 675!


What three people [living or dead] would you go camping with next weekend?

Both of my grandpas and my dad


Which sport/activity would you love to do, but are afraid to?

Big air snowboarding


Funniest things you've seen your kid do?

No kids yet!


Favorite movie?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Best piece of advice you've ever received?

Just show up!


At what age were you in the best shape of your life?

College - lots of running during practice!


Words to live by or favorite quote?

Loose lips sink ships


What adventure do you plan to have in the future?

My wife and I are hoping to do a long trip to Ireland in the future


Favorite book and why?

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell - it explains why your initial gut instinct is almost always correct.  Don't overthink it


Something interesting we don't know about you?

My wife always wanted chickens, so I built her a modern farmhouse chicken coop


What do you like most about being apart of the TrAk Family?

Everyone at the gym is super friendly.  The coaches are great, and it felt like the right place for me from the first workout


Biggest accomplishment at the gym?

The Murph!

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