Consistency vs. Intensity

Consistency vs. Intensity

Wise Words coming at you from one of the greats, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson today:

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

I know, I know - the consistency talk can start to sound a little repetitive (there's a joke in here somewhere), but it's because it's truly valuable information that we need to hear on repeat!

If I asked you which is more important, consistency or intensity, where does your mind go? 

I get it - we're looking for the biggest bang for our buck. Increased intensity and output can be a useful measure of growth and success. But what about the days where you're dragging a little, for whatever reason? Maybe it was a long week, there's mental/emotional stress, sleep or eating schedule is off, muscles are fatigued, etc. If your most important metric by which you measure success is intensity, this sounds like a trap to me. You might not realize it, and certainly don't intend for this, but you're setting yourself up to fail. Either you skip the gym altogether because you know you're not going to hit the unrealistic goal of a new PR, or you do go and beat yourself up for not hitting it or not feeling your absolute best.

When we shift our mindset in favor of consistency, we get to reframe our entire movement experience. We can humble down, reduce the weight and use these days to focus on quality form and technique, knowing we'll be able to get back to it soon after. This approach also helps keep us injury free, meaning we won't be forced into extended downtime away from the gym either. In order to maintain a consistent routine/schedule/program/practice, the intensity can't be turned up all the way every single day! With this approach we can acknowledge that not only are the slower, accessible and therefore sustainable moments important to have, but they are in fact necessary in order to ever have those high intensity, high performing, feeling good and hitting those PRs moments! 

Sometimes all this consistency becomes a ton easier with the right community and the right coaches. Come check us out for the next 14 days and see for yourself! 

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