The Un-sexy Power of Habits

The Un-sexy Power of Habits

We're meditating on these Wise Words this Wednesday!

“New goals don't deliver new results. New lifestyles do.” 

When was the last time you felt like you saw real, tangible results? How did it happen? Was it simply deciding one day on a new goal and then BOOM there it is? Or was it the consistent, mindful, day-to-day choices that got you where you wanted to go? 

Of course goal setting is a crucial piece of the puzzle. It's a great idea to check in periodically and take inventory on where we are and where we want to go - whether it's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career-oriented, fitness related, family friendly, or most likely a wild combination of all the above. Setting goals brings clarity to where we want to go. But if we think of goal setting as the needle on the compass, we realize all it does is tell us which direction we're facing. It doesn't take us there, it doesn't actually move us any closer. Once we're facing the right way, we're in charge of taking the next steps. What are the steps you must take, well that depends on the goal but more importantly your habits as they take charge. 

Be honest, have you ever set a goal and failed to reach it? I know I have, and my guess is if you're a human living on the same planet, you have, too. I'm also willing to bet the reason is because the expectations in how to get there were unrealistic, and/or life had other plans. Maybe the steps felt realistic UNTIL life had other plans, and then everything came crashing down. Which to me, means they were unrealistic all along - because life always has a way of making other plans, doesn't it?

Making small and effective choices day in and day out might not feel like much in the moment, but stacked up with consistency over time, this is what brings us closer to our goals.

As the Author James Clear shows in his book Atomic Habits 1% better each day is 37x better next year! 


Small and effective, meaning: without being so unmanageable, unbearable, rigid or difficult that they can't be sustained over time or through periods of turbulence, aka 1% different. A lifestyle HAS TO BE sustainable. Once we build a solid foundation of easy-to-follow-through, aligned-with-your-goals choices, then we can adapt them to fit different circumstances as needed. Then we can trust that we have the right tools in place and won't throw everything out the window when life gets weird.


To simplify this all down into one sentence you default into your habits not the goal. If you build the right habits you'll default to them when the world storms around you. Then we can pull the compass back out, after those storms and make sure we're still facing the right direction, and keep building and moving forward, crushing goals and taking names. 

One of the easiest habits to start is prioritizing with your day and carving out the time for those areas of improvement! If you need help with that download the TrAk Amazing Week Guide! and block in your days! Maybe you'll block in a free 14 days with us too if prioritizing your mental, emotional, and physical wellness is part of your new habits! 




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