Natalie Shenigo

Natalie Shenigo

What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of?

-My marriage and motherhood. 

If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like?

-Travel to Europe.

How did you feel before you found TrAk?

-Overwhelmed, depressed and drowning ... it was pretty bad.

How do you feel now?

-STRONG mind and body.

How has TrAk changed your everyday life?

-I have gained confidence, great habits, strength, and amazing friendships.

Goals...personal, professional, family?

-Continue to workout and create better eating habits, continue to learn and grow, build a more natural relationship with my family instead of out of guilt.

If you were in a band what existing band/group do you see yourself  in?

-Maroon 5

Best place to travel that you've ever been?

-Maui, HI

What do your kids remind you that’s ok to do?

-They remind me I don’t need to be perfect. 

What personal failure has helped lead to your ultimate success?

-Not taking ownership and blaming others and situations instead of seeking help for anxiety and depression. 

 What’s the craziest thing you've seen in the gym?

-Lauren quickly backing her van into the tightest, last open parking spot in one try. 

What three people [living or dead] would you go camping with next weekend?

-My husband, my Auntie Margie (she literally is a saint and a STRONG mother of 7 amazing cousins) and my college best friend, Annette.

Which sport/activity would you love to do, but are afraid to?


Funniest things you've seen your kid do-The way my youngest son one time used the word “yuck” when he was helping me clean. He kept repeating it over and over.

Favorite movie?

-Legally Blonde

Best piece of advice you've ever received?

-Do small things with great love.

At what age were you in the best shape of your life?

-Before TrAk I would have said my 20’s when I ran races however today I would say now because it’s an overall good shape -mental, emotional and physical not just a physical one.

Words to live by or favorite quote?

-Life isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon.

What adventure do you plan to have in the future?

-Spring break trip with my two youngest boys to Florida.

Favorite book and why?

-“Wonder” - I’ve read it with all my kids and it gets me every time.

Something interesting we don't know about you?

I ran in the 2001 Chicago Marathon and qualified for the 2002 Boston marathon.

What do you like most about being apart of the TrAk Family?

-The People, the authenticity, the quality workouts, James playlists

Biggest accomplishment at the gym?

-Being on time.

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