Emily Resek

Emily Resek

1. What have you accomplished in your life that you're most proud of?

Graduating from Penn State with my Food Science degree and getting a job at a company I love!


2. If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like?

Travel! One of my 2020 goals was to travel more both with family and friends. I’d love to get to more states in the US and visit some of the national parks. I’d also like to travel throughout Europe, especially Ireland to explore my Irish roots!


3. How did you feel before you found TrAk?

Unhealthy and lazy


4. How do you feel now?

Stronger, happier, and healthier. Healthier not only physically, but also mentally.


5. How has TrAk changed your everyday life?

I’ve become a morning person that’s for sure (s/o 5am-ers)! I went from dreading the gym to looking forward to it. Another huge change is that I am much more mindful of my food choices. I’ve learned how to make sustainable improvements in my life.


6. Goals...personal, professional, family?

-Personal: To continue along with a balanced healthy lifestyle, explore new hobbies and passions, and travel

-Professional: I’m happy to have a job I love (how can you not like working on coffee everyday??), but with being younger in my career, I want to continue to seek out opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. Grad school is also on the radar…

-Family: Continue to get together with my family as much as I can. I’m enjoying being at home in PA during quarantine and very much looking forward to when my whole family can get together again without social distancing :)


7. If you were in a band what existing band/group do you see yourself in?

Can’t sing for my life so I’d gladly have groupie status for the Jonas Brothers. Loved them at 13, still love them at 23. 


8. Best place to travel that you've ever been?

For one of my Food Science classes in college, we traveled to several cities in Italy. My favorite was Florence- absolutely beautiful and amazing food! We also got to go to the Ferrero factory and you can’t beat Nutella fresh off the line


9. What does your family remind you that’s ok to do?

Laugh at yourself :)


10. What personal failure has helped lead to your ultimate success?

Falling into unhealthy habits in the last couple of years led me to seek out opportunities that have improved both my physical and mental wellbeing.


11. What’s the craziest thing you've seen in the gym?

Some crazy high box jumps!


12. What three people [living or dead] would you go camping with next weekend?

I’d take my brother, cousin, and uncle. My brother is the only one that would enjoy the camping, but the rest of us would be great entertainment! 


13. Which sport/activity would you love to do, but are afraid to?

White water rafting… tried it once, didn’t start or end well.


14. Funniest things you've seen your kid do?

No kids, but something funny my 7-year-old cousin said this week was “I miss the good old days before this virus…” Lol relatable!


15. Favorite movie?

She’s the Man. I could quote the entire movie 


16. Best piece of advice you've ever received?

Everything in moderation


17. At what age were you in the best shape of your life?

Easily right now, so 23!


18. Words to live by or favorite quote?

Today is a good day for a good day :)


19. What adventure do you plan to have in the future?

Travel to Ireland with my family. For a local adventure, I’d love to finally check skydiving off the bucket list.


20. Favorite book and why?

A recent read I liked was The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I’m a big fan of mystery novels and this one kept me constantly guessing.


21. Something interesting we don't know about you?

My go-to fun fact for any ice breaker is that I worked at Hersheypark in high school and had to dress up as the Hershey Bar & Reese’s Cup mascots. My family also has a cottage at Knoebels (small amusement park in PA) where we have a rollercoaster in our backyard. So you can say I love amusement parks!


22. What do you like most about being apart of the TrAk Family?

It’s just like the sign says at the gym “We don’t care if you’re big, small, slow, fast, in shape, out of shape, obese or skinny. We’re rooting for you.” Since my first day at TrAk, I have felt so welcomed, encouraged, and supported- not only with fitness, but life in general. It’s such an amazing and fun community. Can’t wait to be reunited with the Trak fam! 


23. Biggest accomplishment at the gym?

Consistency! Finding a routine that I enjoy and can stick to has been key. Never thought I would be the person to wake up at 4:30am five times a week to head to the gym, but now I see it as the best way to start my day- challenging and pushing myself.

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