The Fail Proof Way to Pick Your Virtual Health Coach


Let’s get this started off with a bang.


You’ve reached your breaking point.


You are cooped up at home, most likely with kids, and the reality is setting in that you could be there for a while.


Anyone can take a couple weeks off of eating like an adult or exercise.


But now you are settling in. There is a new reality.


You are off your game, feeling lethargic, and frustrated with it all.


You are realizing that you can’t give up all movement and nutrition for the next month and beyond or it will have dire consequences.


So let's let you in on a little secret...if you see opportunity for yourself instead of a prison sentence, you’re right.


It is possible to still get 1% better each day and get leaner and stay fit and mentally healthy, even in these circumstances. 


So now the real reality.


Your social media feeds are being overrun with everyone who’s ever owned a Planet Fitness membership or done a BeachBody workout or eaten an avocado telling you how you should do it. 


Or worse...selling you their “coaching”.


The bar to getting into the coaching game has officially been lowered all the way down and is resting on the ground. 


How do I know this?


Because everyone that’s ever owned a gym whether it failed or not and everyone that knows someone that did is invading my feed and telling me they can “save my gym”.


And to be honest...I’m pissed off about it.


I literally have people I personally know to have given away their poorly run gyms trying to scare me and others into paying them for help.

It’s insane.


Which brings me back to you and your overrun feed of “fitness experts” who are doing the same. I’d love to help you dig through weeds to find the right person for you.



Find the Best Coach for You By Asking These Four Questions:

  1. Are They Experienced?

Do they have it? This would seem like a question you shouldn’t have to ask. Trust me. You do. Find out if your coach has actually coached online. Have they gotten results? If they are legit, they should be excited to share them and they won’t be put off by the question.

  1. Is the Program Customized or Cookie Cutter?

This is especially important right now. You have too many variables in your life to worry about doing workouts that don’t fit your lifestyle. If your coach can’t work around you as an individual, then you may want to find one that will.

  1. Can They Coach Nutrition and Lifestyle?

If these terms never come up with your coach, you may want to reconsider. Your health is more than physical and you need more than airs squats while you hold soup cans. To make lasting change, you’ll need someone the help in all areas of health. Make sure that this person has the life experience to back it up. I cringe everytime I see someone without kids trying to help a mom figure out her life.

  1. Do You Vibe With Them?

The golden must vibe with your coach or program if you want it to work. Period. You know in your gut if you’re a match. Trust it. I can tell you that Lauren and I are not everyone’s cup of tea and we turn people away that we don’t vibe with. Find a coach that makes you smile and gets you excited.

If you can ask these four questions and get the answers you want, then you’ve found your coach or your program.


It seems simple but you will be amazed at how many people on the internet right now can’t get through even two of these questions. 


Remember, be discerning, do your homework, and don’t choose a coach out of fear.


No matter what they are telling you, your life isn’t in danger if you don’t choose them. They aren’t the only one who knows “what other coaches aren’t telling you”. (I love that line by the way.)


Now stay positive, seize the opportunity, and best of luck out there!


About the Author: Lauren Regula is a mother of 3 and 2x Olympian who was training for her 3rd Games in Tokyo this summer until it was postponed. She will be the oldest Olympic Softball player of all-time if she competes in 2021. She is the owner of TrAk Athleticsand creator of the Strong Mom Method which focuses on creating strong moms who lead strong families.

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