Let’s take a few to chat about those Zzz’s…. Specifically, your sleep hygiene. What does that term mean anyway? Great question. Essentially, sleep hygiene is the habits that set you into a routine to be able to produce the best sleep quality possible!


Your sleep affects EVERYTHING. Mood, energy, appetite, hormones. The list goes on!


Here are three things that will improve your sleep hygiene:


1. Have a regular bedtime routine. Why? This simple step helps relax the body before climbing under those sheets. A simple plan that you can start to follow….No TV or cellphone glaring 20 minutes before you hit the hay. Next, brush those chompers. You do that already, right? Hopefully. See?! You already have the hang of this. And finally, this is a good chance to get some reading in. Three easy steps to get you started with a bedtime routine!



2. Your room should be quiet, dark, and set to a cooler temperature. Why? Science. Research shows that the body sleeps deeper in chillier rooms. Also. You can only get so naked to adjust to the heat. There is nothing better than cozying up under your favorite blankets!

3. Last but certainly not least….Reduce your fluid intake before bed to avoid having to get up to pee! Kind of a no-brainer, right? The fewer disturbances you have, the better you’ll sleep.


Take a week, try these three action steps to a better night’s sleep, and let us know!






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