3 Reasons Your Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

3 Reasons Your Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

3 Reasons The Kids Need You To Focus On Your Health

Being a parent is a full- time job that is often characterized by long hours of diaper changes, pureeing and very little sleep. Even if your child is old enough to eat solid food and take care of his business, your time and schedule still revolve around them.  According to a recent report by HealthyWomen and Working Mother, at least 78% of mothers neglect their health in a bid to take care of their families. 

We, as mothers, tend to establish a pattern of putting the kids first from the time they are born. The motherly instinct kicks in immediately and the need to take care of the child need overtakes us. 

A study in Britain conducted a survey on both mum and dads that tend to put their kids above their health. Their goal was to reveal how much time they have during the day for themselves. According to their study, both mum and dads are often left with 17 minutes each day for themselves.

17 minutes leaves little room for self-care, which is why most parents tend to order take out food and sleep. Placing our health on the back burner inadvertently leads to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. This, in turn, causes the deterioration of our health. 

Taking care of your health is not selfish. It is a necessity that will equip you with the physical and mental capability to take care of your children. Below, are three reasons why your kids need you to take care of your health.

You Set A Positive Example

Kids learn from observation. Most of the time, kids tend to observe and learn from the people they look up to; that would be the mum and dad. The only way that you can teach them about eating healthy and exercise is by modelling that behavior. 

Granted, as a mother or father of one or more kids, it can be hard to shift around your schedule for some workout time. However, it doesn’t have to be a long workout session, just enough for your health. Also, if you are trying to teach them the importance of sleep, is getting enough yourself. 

Improves Our Ability To Be More Present

According to licensed therapist Emma Bennett, LCSW, we should take care of ourselves just as much as we take care of our kids. Self-care can be in the form of fitting an exercise regimen into your daily routine, sleeping more and eating healthy. Whatever avenue you choose, self-care should ensure that we get rid of fatigue, isolation and even resentment.

Without doing so, feelings of resentment may build-up, and we may end up being passive-aggressive towards the people around us. When we fatigued, we lack the energy to fully be present for our kid's sake. Our children need a parent that is fully present and capable of meeting and taking care of their needs.

Improve Your Mental Health 

Being a parent can be stressful since it often requires that you juggle other responsibilities as well. Other than having to face the anxiety of being a good enough parent, you are also faced with daily stresses such as work and keeping up with your social life. More often than not, most parents are unable to maintain their friendship, which plunges them into a life of isolation.

The above-mentioned facts are a recipe for the deterioration of mental health. Most parents tend to get depressed and are thus, unable to deal with their children as they should. Taking care of yourself will ensure that you take of your mental health and thus, are able to give all the love and attention that your children need. 

In conclusion, finding time for self-care can be extremely difficult. Say, for example, finding to exercise can be a stretch to your already tight schedule. Find ways to make exercise time easier. For instance, Google for local gyms or gyms that are near you.

With today’s online resources, finding a gym that is walking distance is very easy. Closely located gyms will help save on time and, may even be a fun activity for you and your friends to bond over. 


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