The Secret & Healthy Way to Eat Pizza

The Secret & Healthy Way to Eat Pizza


Author: Dave Regula

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I want to quickly talk about pizza, the best way to eat it, and how it can help you lose weight and feel better over the next seven days.

And no it's not too good to be true.

The quick backstory.

On Saturday afternoon I found myself at Skyzone for a birthday party.

Yes, SkyZone the trampoline park, and yes I will admit that I'm not a fan of massive birthday parties. (Please email me if you genuinely like kids' birthday parties and depending on your explanation I will either make you a plaque or call you a liar.)

As the jumping finished up I was surrounded by a few brave parents, 20 kids under the age of 8, and two massive pizzas.

I was on the heels of two soccer games, no lunch, and a rather large appetite.

What was I to do?

Also, at least one person there knew I owned a gym and made a comment about how they were embarrassed to eat pizza in front of me. (Short answer here and I say this with peace and love: don't care).

So as someone who pays attention to what they eat, how they feel, and how they look...I definitely decided to skip the pizza and go hungry.


So I decided to have a slice and endure some guilt as I sheepishly hid it from everyone.


So I decided to take a piece...and then another...and enjoy the hell out of it because it was really damn good and I was really damn hungry.

Right on that one.

Which brings me to the secret of eating pizza and how it will change your life.

I ate the pizza with a giant smile.

Read that again please.

I ate the pizza with a giant smile.

And zero regrets or negative emotion.

I didn't feel like I was going off the deep end and I didn't feel like I was ruining my week.

I wasn't.

I was eating a piece of pizza. Literally just eating food.

It was done with a smile because I didn't feel even a little bit of guilt and I knew it wouldn't affect my weight, my happiness, or my life.

It was just really darn good pizza.

(In case you think I'm making this story up here is the pic from Saturday.)



The keys here:

1. I took my time so I realized when I was full.

2. I had two pieces and not three because I didn't feel like I was "cheating" and needed to get it in.

3. I didn't feel horrible about it, throw in the nutrition towel, and chase it with five handfuls of Doritos.

4. I just smiled and enjoyed.

Now how can this change your life and the way you look and feel?


We've coached thousands of parents, busy professionals, and successful folks from every walk of life. We get it. We are those people.

One thing we know is that to succeed long term with your eating and overall health, you need to be able to eat pizza...or cake...or have a beer...without guilt.

Without emotion.

Without shame and stress.

Those things are what most times cause diets and plans to fail.

It's almost never the actual choice of food, especially when you are working with a coach and eating really well 80%+ of the time.

The negative emotions are what cause you to go off the rails. If you can simply enjoy the pizza and move on to the next will be just fine.

If you decide that you've "failed" or "ruined your diet" you are in trouble.

Now if you even think about a long term plan that doesn't have room for some off-the-menu items like pizza or dessert...please connect with us.

We can save you the time and stress you'll waste trying to succeed on that one.


Just remember the keys from above.

Take your time and enjoy.

Moderate the amount.

Don't throw in the towel and chase it with extra high-calorie food.



Let me know what food you beat yourself up for eating. Is it pizza? Alcohol? All of the above??

Whatever it is...with a little help and little less can win.


I promise.



About the Author: Dave Regula is the co-founder of TrAk Athletics. After a record-setting Ivy-League football career, Dave spent 15 years in the Trading Pits of the Chicago Board of Trade where he spent all of his free time in the gym and coaching fitness and nutrition online. In 2015 he and his wife, 2x Olympian Lauren (the real athlete in the family) moved to Akron, Ohio to start TrAk Athletics and raise their three kids.


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