The Three Places You Are Missing Hidden Calories

Just checking back in with some help on the nutrition front.

We break down a ton of food logs and examine quite a few diets and we wanted to let you in on a few of the big things that we’ve noticed.

The main problem we find when people aren’t happy with what they are getting from training is that their diet is hiding calories. They feel like they are eating well but it just isn’t working. Often times foods that are deemed healthy by the general public are the same ones that are hiding massive amounts of calories and sabotaging their transformation efforts.

Here are the Top 3 we’ve found:

1. Coffee

A large or venti (if you’re pseudo fancy), black coffee contains less than 10 calories. Some of the other concoctions at Starbucks have as many calories as a Big Mac. You wouldn’t touch the Big Mac with a ten foot pole so why are you having the Frappacino with exra whip. It’s all sugar. Period.

2. Juice

So you’re going with the healthy option right? Juice. Hopefully it’s not the 16oz bottle of apple juice that has 58g of sugar compared to the 40g in a can of Coke. That’s right, the sugar in juice is on the level of soda. You won’t drink the soda (we hope) so why are you funneling juice? Oh but it’s natural you say. Nice try. Sugar is sugar. Once that hits home, ask why we give it to our children. And if you are screaming about how many vitamins are in the juice, eat the real fruit please.

3. Smoothies

What does this even mean? You see smoothies all over the place now, even at McDonald’s. No really, they have them at McDonalds. Just for fun, let your smoothie from McDonald’s “melt” and see what it resembles. You may get your smoothies from a juice bar or a “healthy” food bar, or even a “health” club. Check what’s in that thing next time. Most are made with juice (see above) and have MASSIVE amounts of calories and zero fiber. Remember, there is a reason that foods taste uber sweet…they are full of SUGAR and calories. Even “Green Smoothies”, the king of all marketing tricks, are mostly apple or even pineapple juice.

So now that you’ve digested these three big mistakes in nutrition, how can you simplify them?

Easy…They are all calories you DRINK!!

Take note. We can eliminate all of this heartache and hassle by remembering one easy rule.

Drink water and black coffee. Period.

Do that and you’ll have the potential to cut HUNDREDS of calories from your daily diet.

Ok, you can have an occasional beer or glass of wine or an Old Fashioned (only with a big ice cube though). Other than that…Water and coffee and off to the races.

Pay attention and as always…

Carry on.

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