A Look at the Unique Fitness Motivations That Go Beyond ‘Getting Jacked’

A Look at the Unique Fitness Motivations That Go Beyond ‘Getting Jacked’

If you’re a member of a gym, you have some kind of fitness motivation to work out. But has anyone ever asked you specifically why you’re there?

Why do you get up at the crack of dawn to squeeze in a workout?

What gets you to put your shoes on in the morning? What’s really behind your drive for one more set?

Every one of us has different fitness motivations, there’s a unique reason that pushes each of us, and it’s more than just wanting to look jacked or see that six-pack (or two-pack) when you flex in the mirror.

Many people enter the gym saying they want to lose weight, but there’s usually a little more psychology behind it than that. While some people might be going to the gym just to “get big”, most of us have more impactful fitness motivations behind working out that are directly affecting our daily lives.

If you truly want to dedicate yourself to going to the gym, you need to find your “why”. Your reason for being there is the driving force that’s going to get you to the end of your workout, and without it you might as well toss your membership in the junk drawer next to your second grade spelling bee medal. If you have a better understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re going to be able to stay committed, work hard and eventually accomplish your goals.

At TrAk, we’ve had people with all kinds of goals come through our doors. Their ambitions are beyond getting fit. These people want to change their lifestyles for the better so they can do more and be more. Here’s a look at some of the unique fitness motivations we’ve seen.

Fitness Motivations for Everyday Life

1. The Overworked Parent

Most often, we hear that people want to be able to keep up with their kids. These people are tired, and they want to be better so they’re not as exhausted.

When you first have a child, life gets really busy — really fast. As parents of three, we get it. With someone completely depending on you 24/7 it’s difficult to find time to work out like you used to, and it’s easy to let that part of your life slip away. Before you know it, your babies are toddlers and you’re finding it difficult to keep pace with their energy. Once they’re older you want to be involved in the things they love to do, and if you’re out of shape you might not be able to do that.

Wanting to be able to do more with your family is an awesome fitness motivation that can really inspire you to be better all around. A great fitness plan and community can help you get to that point, so you can spend more quality time with your kids.

2. The Do-It-Yourself Wannabe

Some people walk into our gym without a specific goal in mind at first, they just know they need to make a change. Once these members start seeing positive changes from working out, they realize that their lifestyle change is having a bigger impact on them than they thought it would.

From being able to lift something they couldn’t before to carrying a basket of laundry up the stairs, these members discover their personal fitness motivations through the independence they gain back bit by bit the longer they work out in our community.

Being able to get through the day easier might not seem like something important or pertinent to your fitness goals, because you don’t realize that your daily activity could even be improved. When working out becomes a part of your regular schedule, you’ll be surprised to see what in your life becomes easier.

Whether it’s your confidence and productivity at work or having the energy to actually read Goodnight Moon for the thousandth time without dozing off, making the time to work out three days a week can help you do more and live bigger.

3. The Confidence Seeker

There’s never a bad time to decide you want to make a change in your life, it just takes a little drive to get there. We get many clients who want to change the way they feel so they can stop allowing their bodies to dictate the way they act.

Self-confidence is a huge part of our lives, and it can be a powerful fitness motivation. A lack of self-confidence can alter the way you dress and speak, but most of all it can hold you back in your relationships and your goal setting. Second guessing social situations can keep you from having enjoyable experiences and building relationships, and can even keep you from making a significant lifestyle change.

There’s a special sense of pride you get when you can look at where you’ve been and see how far you’ve come. A strong fitness plan and support system to back it up can help you build confidence and help you conquer things in your life that you couldn’t even dream of before. Putting in the effort and time can help you change your life, and help you live with new self-assuredness so you can do more.

These three are just a sample of the many “whys” that we see every day within our TrAk community. What’s important to realize about making the choice to better your lifestyle is all of us have different reasons for walking through the door. We all have different motivations for doing the work in the gym and at home. Our circumstances and personal lives affect these reasons, but at the end of the day our community is bonded together by the driving force behind our motivation to be better.

Everyone has a “why” beyond something they can see in the mirror, and that’s what connects us.

Take a minute to think BIG and find that “why”, one that deeply matters to you and can upgrade your life. It will lead to greater success with your fitness and chances are it will change the lives of those around you too.

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