Why an Hour of Exercise a Day is Better for You Than an Extra Hour of Sleep

Why an Hour of Exercise a Day is Better for You Than an Extra Hour of Sleep

Ever found yourself saying you wish there were more hours in the day? We’re all busy with all kinds of things going on in our lives — work, kids, keeping the house in order or making time for friends. If you want to exercise for an hour a day, sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time.

Consider this, what you spend your time on is where your values lie. If you’re making the time for exercise an hour a day you’re showing that staying fit is important to your lifestyle. If you’re not, what are you making time for? Are you spending an hour on your phone before you go to bed? Are you watching TV late into the night? Take a look at what you spend time doing during the day, and ask yourself if the things taking up the most of your time are really necessary or even truly important to you.

Sometimes getting out of the bed in the morning is really hard. The covers are warm, and its just too enticing to sleep for another hour. We’ve all been there and we all understand. You have time to spare right? That all depends on if sleeping in is the way you want to spend that next hour.

Working out first thing in the morning might be the best option for you because nothing else needs your attention at the moment. However, you might not be getting enough sleep so you’re torn between staying in bed or going to work out. Yet if more sleep is what you need, you could make time for that by going to bed earlier. The issue with making time for things is never black and white. There’s always a way you can make time for what’s important to you, you just have to find moments during the day where you could be doing something more with your life.

The truth is, if something is truly important to you, you’ll make the time for it. If you can make sure you’re on the couch for your favorite show at night, you can figure out a time in your schedule to work out. It may be a tough reality to accept, but remember, where you put your time and money are a reflection of what you value most in life.

Looking to Exercise an Hour a Day? You Need to Find Your “Why”

Setting aside a chunk of your day for something takes commitment and dedication. If you always try to leave for work early so you can stop and get coffee, you’re already doing it. A small example, but the same idea nonetheless. Making time for exercise an hour a day is a much bigger commitment than your daily venti latte, and it’s going to take a little more out of you to get started.

Find a time to go work out, and try and stick to it for a week. If you’re sleeping in every morning, cutting an hour of sleep, three nights a week isn’t going to kill you. If you focus on getting off your phone at night and getting to sleep, you may actually be trading brainless phone time for working out.

The facts are that starting off your day with an hour of exercise will actually make you feel more awake and energized than sleeping in. You will find yourself able to be more productive at work. The benefits of regular exercise easily outweigh the positives of one more hour of sleep, including having some time just for yourself. It just takes some dedication from you to get started.

Finding the task of getting off your ass in the morning a little daunting? You aren’t alone, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Training somewhere that people know your name and hold you accountable can quickly solve this problem. Being part of a group will give you a community to support you through the hard times.

Having somewhere to go and somebody to be with makes all the difference when you’re just starting out for the first time. These people aren’t going to listen to your excuses, and if you’re working with a coach they’re counting on you to be there. If you can’t personally find the drive to get out of bed, the guilt of letting people down will definitely get you moving.

No matter what you’re doing to get to the gym, without passion behind your goals you’re not going to find it a quick and easy accomplishment. If you want to make time for exercise an hour a day, what’s driving you to do it? Use your drive to set goals for yourself, and that motivation plus the community you have at the gym are what’s going to help you out of bed in the morning.

The adjustment isn’t going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Sleeping for another hour might make you feel good for a day, but getting in time to exercise an hour a day is going to change your life in the long run. Plus, just like your daily coffee, you just might find yourself unable to get through the day without it.

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