Why Do You Do This Again?

We have quick question for you today:

Why are you here?

Have you ever stopped to wonder EXACTLY why you are training with us? No, we are not talking about the typical and simplistic reason of “I want to get in shape”.

We know that each individual has a different “Why” and we care about yours.

Over our own time in training, it became clear to us that without a deeper reason than “being in shape” it was hard to get to the gym consistently and stay motivated. Did you ever wonder exactly why you wanted to be “in shape” or what “in shape” even means to you? If you haven’t considered those questions, you should.

Vanity-inspired goals can only take the majority of people so far. So, why do you want to look better and what does better even look like? Are you hoping to gain confidence in the business world by looking better? What is at the root of your why?

If this isn’t making any sense, let me give you a few different reasons WHY our members are coming to TrAk. If your “Why” is clear, then keep it in the forefront of your motivation to enhance your life. If you are a little shaky on your “Why” maybe one of these will resonate with you.

Here are some goals from TrAk members that are parents:

  • Desire to have the energy to play (hard!) with my kids.
  • Take a family vacation that includes hiking, the outdoors, and physical activity.
  • Join my kids or husband in an event, like a 5k or Mud Run.
  • Throw my little ones up in the air for as long as possible.
  • Be a positive role model and show my children that health and exercise are important.
  • Happiness, success, and longevity.
  • Do something for myself. Everything I do is for my family, this is for me. (classic #humblebrag)

Here are some goals from some of our businessmen and businesswomen:

  • Take mental break from my job.
  • Achieve more mental acuity and focus throughout the day.
  • Feel more confident in the workplace.
  • Have more energy and better recovery during travel.

Here are some goals from our sports-minded members:

  • Gain strength in my legs for ski season.
  • Drive the ball further on the golf course.
  • Keep up with my 16 year-old daughter in her next 5k.
  • Gain strength for soccer so I don’t get pushed off the ball.
  • Compete in Crossfit.

Here are some other random goals from our members:

  • Look and feel my best on Wedding Day.
  • Fit into my old clothes
  • Stop passing up on experiences because of my health.

As you can see, LIFE is much bigger than the confines of any gym.

We use the gym, fitness and health as an avenue to pursue all of these great goals.

Our goal at TrAk is to get you to be the best YOU outside of the gym. We know that our training and support can get you there. Whether you are a grandmother who just wants to play with your grandkids on the floor or a hyper-competitive athlete who wants to train for triathlons, we can help you be your best self and at the top of your game.

Now, what matters to you in life?

WHY are you here?

Once you figure out what matters most, it might just make the 6am workout a little easier to make.

Until next time…