Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Dieting

When dieting, many women will make fat loss their number one priority. That goes without saying right? What they don’t realize is that their bodies would automatically burn off more fat if they had more muscle. Instead they eat less to stay “smaller. They are losing muscle, their metabolism is making them sluggish, they are lowering the caloric intake, and basically going on a downward spiral into starvation mode.

Women need to focus on fitness and building more muscle in their body. Rather than eating less – eat to gain muscle. In short that means fuel up your body for workouts so that your body can work harder. Feed yourself proper nutrients to help increase your muscle mass. Food is the cornerstone in the weight loss ladder. In addition to clean eating, women need to go to the gym and challenge themselves by strength training, interval training, and targeting different areas on their body.

Focus more on your athletic performance by building up your muscles and watch your body become a fat burning machine.

And for the thousandth time…you won’t get huge by lifting weights! Trust us.

Ignoring their Mistakes

Women tend to rationalize what they are eating in order to believe that there is another way around the weight loss journey. They believe there is a “shortcut” to weight loss that allows them to keep eating unhealthy food, snacking often, and having sugary drinks. We get it – there are a lot of delicious foods out there! But these women are just ignoring their harmful behaviors. They would rather keep eating ice cream then admitting to the problem. We promise you that by replacing harmful foods with nutritious whole foods, you will see and most importantly feel results. Period.

Honestly evaluate your eating habits and athletic performance. Keep a food journal and remember what you’re eating, when you’re eating it, and how it made you feel. Are you snacking mindlessly, eating leftovers, or overeating? Most likely, the journal will provide surprising results…if it’s kept honestly. You will soon notice that instead of frequently eating small portions, eating large portions over a longer period of time will provide more effective weight loss results.

Letting Emotions get in the Way

Women are all built differently and think differently. Especially when it comes to food. Often time people when people, and especially women overindulge, they will question their identity and self-worth. They will punish themselves by eating less or doing more “cardio”. Too often, women will find themselves in a pattern of overeating and hyper-restriction, in short, they’re developing eating disorders.

Women need to stop attaching meaning to their eating habits in food. Instead of using food as an emotional tool, they need to deal with their emotions in a productive way. In the long run, they will be inclined to eat appropriately if they start considering food as fuel. When you’re stressed, go for a long walk, instead of a long row of cookies.

Not Standing their Ground

Women can be more sensitive to the feelings of others in comparison to men. In an effort to be polite, they will rarely say “no thank you” when offered something. Many women find themselves stuck eating something they don’t need, don’t want, or don’t even like in an effort to be polite. They take the food even if it means taking a step backward in their goals.

Women need to stand their ground, especially around other people. If you are trying to control your eating habits or step up your fitness or appearance, don’t be afraid to say no. It is not impolite to refuse food, give reasoning as to why you can’t eat a specific thing, and people should understand. It’s odd that in this day and age you are the weird one for passing up the cookie dough or pizza. It should be the other way around right?

Missing Out on Protein

Unlike overall nutrition, it can be difficult to track protein intake. Many women, even the most health-conscious have no idea what protein percentages they are eating. In order to reach the appropriate protein levels, women have to eat a lot of meat. The more fat you want to lose, the more protein you need to eat. Protein preserves the muscle you have, helps build more muscle, and is thermogenic, making you feel more full versus eating carbs or straight fat. A big problem is that too many women would rather eat a bite-sized portion of meat to save room for sweets.

Women need to focus on calculating their desired protein intake and their current protein intake. If they are struggling with body fat, a high protein approach to eating will produce successful results and will have a major impact on their appetites.

At TrAk Athletics, we have heard every excuse in the book, plus a couple that weren’t fit to print. Stop making these eating mistakes and start losing weight the right way.