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With Our Remote Fitness Program, There’s Nothing Standing in The Way of Your Goals

Excited about upgrading your fitness and living BIG but can’t make it to a TrAk facility? Busy managing your time between family and business travel or have a personal goal you’re training for like a race? Our remote training programs are the perfect solution to have your fitness goals fit into your busy life.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of knowing you need to get your fitness in order but not having a plan to do it. Whether it’s one of our simple but incredibly effective TrAk programs or a personalized plan from one of our coaches, we can help you create the perfect program for you to help you reach your goals.

Our TrAk programs will make you feel like a part of our incredible community while increasing every aspect of your fitness. You’ll have access to group Facebook pages as well as our online movement video series.

If you’re looking for a customized program based on your specific gym as well as your individual schedule, don’t waste any more time and speak with one of our coaches today.

Interested in learning more about what being a remote athlete is like? Read about some of our current athlete’s experiences below.

Ali Bradley, 37 – Canadian Olympian

The remote programming option through TrAk holds me accountable for my fitness. It provides me with the luxury of having a personal trainer without actually having to spend a ton of time in the gym with a personal trainer.  Lauren gives me amazing programs, we talk about them to make sure they are on track with what I need, and I step into the gym and execute.  Lauren is also incredibly flexible and can adjust my programs based on what my week looks like.  If I have a crazy week and need to get to the gym, but simply don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate she’ll make sure my workouts are short yet intense.

I’d recommend the program in a heartbeat.  As a retired high-performance athlete it’s often hard to make the transition from spending your life in the gym and on the field to a career/family/regular life.  I didn’t need to be working out like I was when I was playing, but I wasn’t entirely sure where that happy-medium workout was either.  Remote programming fits my lifestyle perfectly.

I cannot say enough positive things about TrAk and what they offer to their members.  Both Lauren and Dave are incredibly passionate about what they do…they know their “why” and it bleeds through with TrAk and in their personal lives too.  I love being a part of the TrAk community because I buy their “why”.  They live big in all they do and with each program, each workout session, each blog post, they inspire their members to do the same.  I am a fitter, healthier, and happier person because of my involvement with TrAk athletics.


Will Harper, 41 – CEO

Since I’ve started training with the TrAk Remote Training program and Dave, I have virtually eliminated the common training injuries I’ve experienced in the past all while elevating my overall level of strength and cardiovascular fitness.  

My training centers around specific events and goals and Dave designs programs for me that fit my schedule and enable me to compete in accordance with my objectives.  

I feel the approach he takes is a smarter way of training for the long term with significant emphasis on lifestyle, getting outside, and family fitness. I’m as strong as I was in college and able complete 20+ mile races all while training around my family and running a company.