Brian O’Connor

September AOM – Brian O’Connor

This was an incredibly easy choice for us to make.

This incredibly hard-working guy inspires everyone around him, coaches included, to work their tails off.

It’s been fun watching him get better over the last eight months. He’s dropped almost 20 lb. of body fat while greatly increasing his strength and endurance. Solid work for a guy helping to hold down young kids and a busy job.

He looks at every hard workout as an opportunity to get better. He is the September 2016 TrAk Athlete of the Month, Brian O’Connor.

What time do you start your day?

I wake up at 6:00 am most mornings before the kids get ready for school.

What have you accomplished in your life that you’re most proud of?

I am most proud of my family values and what my wife and I do to ensure my kids know right from wrong. I’m not sure that they will always choose correctly, but they are great kids.

If you could take 3 months off and do whatever you wanted, what would that time look like?

If I could take three months off and do whatever I wanted, I would travel extensively with my family to experience other people, places, and cultures.

If you were in a band, what existing band/group do you see yourself in?

If I were a singer, I would most like to be a part of Pearl Jam or the Foo Fighters.

Favorite place to travel to?

My favorite place to travel so far has been Ireland. Incredibly kind and generous people. (Editors Note: Can’t believe he picked Ireland. Weird.)

What do your kids remind you that it’s OK to do?

My kids remind me all the time that it is OK to fail and have fun doing it.

What personal failure has helped most lead to your ultimate success?

My personal failure that has led to ultimate success was an effort to move from the west coast back to Massachusetts. I was a finalist in a lateral job opportunity within my company. As disappointed as I was, fate smiled back to me when I was two years later given the opportunity to move laterally to Akron, OH, where I am really happy and surrounded by family and friends alike. It’s a success that could not have been equaled in Boston at half the money.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in the gym?

The craziest thing I have seen at the gym has been deadlifts of nearly 500 lb. from guys that do things other than lift weights for a living.

What three people [living or dead] would you go camping with next weekend?

If I could go camping with three people (living or dead) next weekend, it would be my paternal grandparents and my college roommate. I was too young to truly know my grandparents who played such a huge role in a family work ethic and decency as well as a college roommate who passed away two years ago. I miss them.

Which sport/activity would you love to do, but are afraid to?

I would like to skydive but likely would have a tough time doing it as with most Irish people, I feel if it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

Funniest things you’ve seen your kids do?

My son Cullen at age 4 snapping at himself the way I would snap at myself after he was knocked to the ground at a soccer field, curses and all. This still makes me laugh five years later.

Favorite movie?

I would have to say there are two movies that I love, Good Will Hunting and Jerry McGuire.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of advice I have ever received has been the only way to guarantee failure in life is to try to please everybody.

Goals … personal, professional, family?

My goals include the opportunity to retire early, potentially teach grammar or high school, and volunteer for a bunch of great charitable causes. Family goals would include having the fortune to travel extensively and live life to its fullest without the worry or stress of current daily life (mortgage, tuitions, etc.)

Words to live by or favorite quote?

Words to live by or my favorite quote is “good enough rarely is.”

What adventure do you to plan to have in the future?

In the future, I plan on spending a bunch of time playing golf with friends in Ireland/Scotland.

Favorite book?

One of them is a current book I am reading called “Uncommon” by Tony Dungy. It is really good even for a New England Patriots guy. Another really good quick read is “A Simple Act of Gratitude.”

Something interesting we don’t know about you?

I was a serious break dancer as a kid; even had pictures in the paper.

Any position in any team in any sport, what would it be?

I would be a quarterback because it would allow me to succeed and take responsibility to both organize and motivate a collective group to succeed.

What do you like most about being a part of the TrAk Family?

I like the positive energy most about the TrAk family — really good people, hard work, and a place that makes me and countless others want to be there as often as humanly possible.