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TrAk Athletics Success Stories

Phil, 49

The lightbulb went on when my 17 year old son started teasing me about my weight. I was lucky enough to find TrAk shortly thereafter. In three months’s I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and gotten stronger and more energetic. I’m starting to keep up with my kids and I feel better than I have in 20 years. Bottom line…becoming part of the TrAk family was an absolute game changer for me and my family.

Jared R, 30

Working with Dave has been a transformative experience, both for my overall health and for my general well being. He takes a holistic approach to fitness, believing that the body works best when the mind and soul are in balance. From what you put into your body to what you put out in gym, Dave guides you ever step of the way, taking out all the guess work, leaving only results.

Adam A, 25

It’s difficult going from a college athlete to just another guy at the office trying to find time for the gym after work. Before long I’d put on a bunch of weight and it didn’t matter what I’d do in the gym, it seemed like I was fighting an uphill battle. I had no idea my diet was so bad, or why the workouts I had been doing weren’t actually giving me the results I wanted. I was skeptical of the TFS approach at first, but the results speak for themselves. I lost 17 pounds in 2 months, and I actually feel like an athlete again. I know it’s cliche but it really is the best money I’ve ever spent.

Woody, 49

Having my own coach to give me direction and keep me motivated has been an incredible upgrade. I used to just wander around the gym aimlessly, but with TrAK I now walk in with a custom plan and walk out with a sense of accomplishment. It’s only been 2 months and I’ve already got people commenting on how great I look. But the weight loss pales in comparison to how much better I feel and how much energy I have now. I just ran my first 5k and had a blast!