One Size Fits All Nutrition

I hope all is well and you’re ready for a quick story.

“What?” you say, my stories are terrible? This one will be better. It will help you to understand how we approach nutrition with each and every one of our athletes.

How many carbs should I eat? How many do you eat?

It’s a simple question that we get all the time. The answer, though, can be very complex. I know this first hand.

Now, when I started getting serious about Functional Fitness and Crossfit way back in 2008, the prevailing movement on diet was to follow the Zone or go Paleo, whatever that means. At that time, Paleo meant you stayed away from potatoes and rice which basically meant that it was hard for a competitive Crossfit athlete to get enough carbs to perform at a high level day in and day out.

But I was following the recommended diet to a T. I was eating meat and veggies and some nuts and seeds, you know, just what my ancestors ate (except that we now know it’s not exactly what they ate). Oh, and I was burning through more calories than a race horse. I was running my engine in the red everyday.

The results were stunning. Less than ideal performance followed by burnout, accompanied by low energy and hormone imbalances that were not easy to correct.

Sounds great right?

Not so much.

All because I followed a generic prescription for my diet. One that didn’t take into account my goals, body composition, or activity level. It was a prescription for someone of my height and my weight, but that’s it. I was severely under-carbing and it buried me.

That is exactly why you need to answer a few specific questions before you can get a realistic, usable idea of what your diet should look like or how many carbs you should eat.

There is no template, there is no magic bullet.

Do you want to lose body fat? Gain muscle? Increase athletic performance? Ok. What are the demands of your sport? What is your current body composition and activity level?

These are all questions that should factor into determining how you feed and fuel yourself.

So when you ask us about carbs or nutrition don’t be surprised that we want to know more about you and where you are going. We aren’t ducking the question or trying to make you uncomfortable, we are trying to give you the best and most personalized advice that we can.

Bottom line is that at TrAk, we believe that everyone is unique and should be treated that way. We want to know what you are training for, whether it’s a marathon or a golf tournament, or throwing your little grandkids around. Your goals and current state will determine your diet and help us get you where you want to go.

Don’t forget any of this when you’re watching infomercials for the latest and greatest cleanses and diets.

As you were…