Make This Mindset Change to Achieve Your Goals

Stop focusing on the outcome and enjoy the process.

One of the things that people don’t talk enough about, in my opinion, is what we can learn from our children. It’s easy to think the joy in parenting comes in watching your children grow up. But, if you take pause to sit and watch them, they can remind us of innate lessons that have been lost on us over the years.

Our daughter Grace loves all things art. Coloring, painting, sculpture play dough, loom bracelets. You name it she loves it. I’ll watch Grace sit and focus like crazy on her Frozen coloring book until she finishes Elsa. She’ll rip it out, bring it to us, we’ll nod and before we can open our mouths she is back at the next one. This process can carry on for 10+ pages in a row.

I watched this for quite a while before I wondered…

Does Grace even care what the final outcome looks like? She must, but not like I would expect.

Does she need our explicit approval? Obviously not, just a quick acknowledgement.

This is when it hit me…

Grace just loves to color.

She truly enjoys the act of coloring. She isn’t concerned about impressing anyone, maybe not even herself. She just loves to do it. Period.

There is such simple joy in the process and such little worry about the product.

How rare is it in our adult lives that we enjoy the process of something as much as we look forward to acknowledgement of the finished product.

Do you golf? When is the last time you just truly enjoyed the round of golf independent of how you scored. I mean really enjoyed being outside and swinging the club, not the Scotch you drank after the round in the clubhouse. When was the last time you didn’t worry about the score at all?

How about cooking? Ever truly enjoy the process of cooking? My guess is that you are only concerned with how the dish tastes at the end of the day.

Learning to enjoy and appreciate the process and caring less about the end product can be a huge advantage when pursuing any goal.

What would happen if you looked at your training like Grace does coloring?

You’d walk into the gym everyday excited to be there and for what that day held.

You’d be more focused in everything that you did in your training.

You wouldn’t be hounded by any of the self doubt that comes in the judgement of the finished product.

You wouldn’t wonder what’s next after you reached your goal because you’d just get back to doing what you loved…training.

And I would bet that your end product would be better without you even thinking about it.

So put some thought into what your goals are and what end point you are shooting for. Then think about how focusing on the enjoyment of the process could change the game for you. A more productive and enjoyable process might even enhance and improve your finished product.

And above all…

Be like Grace and…keep on coloring.

That is all.