In the Pursuit of Passion

No messing around today, we’re getting straight to it.

Do you plan on doing anything to pursue your passion today?

Most people I ask that answer one of two ways.

I get either the blank stare or a straight “No”.

For the blank stare folks, we need to have another conversation, but for the “No” crowd I’ve got one simple question.

Why not?

What is stopping you and what is holding you back? If you’ve discovered your passion in life whether it be photography, cooking, family, or fitness, why haven’t you made plans to pursue it.

Are you spending time doing things other than those you truly love? Sitting in front of the TV? Staring at your phone? Dreaming of doing something about that voice that’s burning inside you?

It’s time to start doing.

It’s never too late, and you’re never too old. You can do something small everyday to feed the fire.

Take a few pictures or study up on photography, find a new recipe to cook, get down on the floor and play with your kids or have a real conversation with your spouse, and if it’s fitness…get our there and use it for something cool. Go climb a tree. No really, go climb a tree.

When you boil it down, we all spend far too much time doing useless things or figuring out ways to avoid taking the leap into the deep end of the pool.

When it’s time for us all to go, and I mean turn out the lights for the last time, I’m certain that you won’t hear too many people lamenting about not emailing enough or getting to watch enough episodes of (insert “incredible” TV series). We’ll think we should have taken that cooking class or trip to the Grand Canyon with our wife, or been reading more with our kids, or followed whatever it was that truly made us feel alive.

So what are you going to do today to make it happen? Do you have a plan?

Hit us back with ways you follow your passion every day. Whether big or small, we love hearing about people living life and doing it BIG.