How TrAk Athletics Came to Be — and came to Akron, Ohio

I’m Dave, the co-founder of TrAk athletics. My wife Lauren and I couldn’t be more excited to bring both our family and our brand of fitness back home to Northeast Ohio. Before we get to know all of you, we thought it would be important to share our story so that you get to know us.

In 2014 Lauren and I moved back from Chicago where I began trading on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1998. It was a truly unique and priceless experience and something that will always be a part of me. I developed incredibly thick skin and keen self-awareness, side effects of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with 100 Type-A personalities all day. Most importantly trading afforded me a lot of time to study fitness and athletic training, which has always been my true passion.

Lauren waltzed into the picture in 2005 while she was playing professional softball and training for her second Olympic Games. We instantly connected through our love for sports, fitness, family, and self-improvement, which are passions that still bond us today.

Around this same time our training journey brought us to something called CrossFit. It wasn’t the global phenomenon back in 2007 that it is today, but we both quickly realized that functional fitness was the best fit for us at that time. We began training at Chicago’s first functional fitness facility, Windy City CrossFit, and eventually became co-owners of the gym. We spent every waking moment focused on training and the quest for a more profound fitness system.

Soon we were coaching and taking on personal remote clients. The train was rumbling down the tracks and neither of us could stop it. For six years, we grew our own family to five, and our Windy City family to almost 400, accumulating invaluable experience and knowledge along the way.

In 2013 we decided that it was time to take the leap and follow our dream. We wanted to raise our family in a town like each of us was raised and pursue our own brand of fitness. We’ve realized the results of Functional Strength and Conditioning at every level, including increases in lean muscle, sky-high energy levels, and enhanced performance. The real question was how could we combine this life-changing training with the motivation and family feel of a team. After a lot of thought and reflection we arrived at our solution. We would upgrade traditional Functional Fitness with The TrAk Athletics focus on agility, coordination, and moving in all directions in a team atmosphere. The TrAk Athletics model was born.

We’re finally here and the time has come for us to grow our community in Northeast Ohio. You’ll often see our entire family in the gym at the same time and we gladly welcome you to bring yours along for support, or even to join in.

Finally, everyone asks where TrAk Athletics got its name. Lauren and I feel so strongly about the power of community that we decided to name our gym after our own home towns…Trail, British Columbia and Akron, Ohio.

You’d Never Guess:

  • Lauren is a two-time Olympian and has played softball in 11 countries on five continents
  • I majored in Government at Dartmouth and am still fascinated by the Cold War
  • Lauren’s hometown of 7,000 people has produced 19 NHL athletes
  • I think I can do a backflip
  • Lauren can actually do a backflip
  • Lauren has never seen anything funnier than me fall off a horse in South Africa
  • We’ve cage dived with Great White sharks
  • Lauren’s great uncle is a three-time Olympic Decathlete
  • I was the first kicker in college football history to score a touchdown on his own kickoff
  • We’ve fed, washed, and ridden rescued elephants in Southeast Asia
  • I’m typing this but Lauren is telling me what to say
  • Lauren is great at dancing and just as bad at singing
  • Her brother was the 2004 MLB Rookie of the Year and a three-time All-Star
  • She’s met Derek Jeter and still married me
  • My athletic goal in life is to dunk a basketball at the age of 40
  • Lauren played professional softball and shared the Pitcher of the Year award with Jennie Finch
  • My dad still thinks he could hit off of her

See you soon,

Dave Regula