We are here to answer any questions you might have about our gym, your membership and our services. If you need assistance beyond what is covered in these FAQs give us a call at (330) 331-0655 or send us an email

What is TrAk Athletics?

In short, we are a gym and community of people that believe the quality of your health determines the quality of your life. It doesn’t matter where you are in fitness or in life, we will help you push for more.

Is it Crossfit?

We aren’t Crossfit. We practice Functional Strength and Conditioning. We believe that life starts when you leave the gym, not when you enter it. Our goal isn’t to qualify you for the strongman Olympics but to push you to optimal levels in all areas of your life including family, business, and personal development.

How is it different from Crossfit?

We were fortunate enough to co-own the first Crossfit in Chicago almost ten years ago. Over that time we’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t. Quite simply, we’ve taken the great stuff we’ve learned, left some things behind, and added to it from our vast experience in sport and training.

Is it too hard for me?

No. We customize our program to fit everyone. We are wildly successful with all skill levels, ages, body types, and IQs. We deal with prior injuries and limitations all the time. Some of our most successful members are almost 70yrs old and came to us with no prior experience with exercise.

Why don’t I just do Bootcamp?

In short, because going full bore for 60min at a time isn’t synonymous with health and it certainly won’t get you the best results. Yes, you get to tell people you go to bootcamp, but wouldn’t you rather look and feel great? You have a finite amount of time each week to train and we strongly believe that you should do it in the most efficient and productive way and, most importantly, one that will set you up for long-term success. A program built around structured strength training, varied conditioning, mobility, and smart nutrition is proven to change the way you look and feel as well as best serve you over the long haul.

I’ve done Crossfit, is this hard enough for me?

This will be plenty challenging for you and in an intelligent way so that you can recover, feel great and get results. You have to ask yourself, is your fitness really functional if you are too sore to get out of bed in the morning?

What do classes run like?

You’ll start off with a few minutes rowing, running, or on the bike to get your blood flowing. Next, you’ll be led through a dynamic stretching warm-up to get loose, followed by a structured targeted warmup that is geared towards whatever your workout that day entails. Then it’s on to the workout for the day. Depending on where you are in the program, it could range from strength training with sled pulls to a 45 minute aerobic base building circuit. You’ll close down class with either some extra credit work or a cool down stretch. Then it’s off to push for more in real life.

Why do you have that turf?

Because your gym doesn’t. And because we feel so strongly that our bodies are meant to move in all directions. We use it to work on our agility and movement across all planes as well as on all fours. We use it to push and pull sleds as well as work on our running. And let’s face it, winter here sucks. You’d be amazed at what a little green space can do for your attitude in the dead of winter.

Are your workouts programmed randomly?

To get the most out of your time training, you must have a plan and your workouts must have a purpose. The facts are that mapping out a training plan is simply the best way to achieve your goals. Our experience as athletes, our education, and the fact that we are busy parents and professionals gives us the perfect perspective to program your training.

What if I’ve never worked out before?

Everyone starts somewhere and you are absolutely not the first person that will begin their training life with us. We have first time athletes ranging in age from 15 to 70. Our individualized approach makes your jump into fitness easy. Each one of our new athletes starts by building a movement foundation and gradually increasing their intensity until they are comfortable with everything and able to help and encourage the next new athlete.

Do you cover nutrition?

Absolutely. When each athlete is ready and willing to buckle down, we will take a look at what they are currently doing and offer guidance that will reshape the way they look and more importantly feel. We don’t believe in diets or 30-day fixes or cleanses. We believe in changing habits that can keep you on top of your game for the long haul.

What does the average client look like?

We have members that range in age from 14 to 70. We have men and women who have never exercised before all the way to college and even Olympic athletes. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, moms, business owners, police…our group is diverse as could be but they all share a few traits. They are incredibly welcoming and encouraging, they work hard, and they are interesting. You will get great conversation on top of an incredible workout every time you are at TrAk.

What does that TV on the wall (MyZone) do?

We use the MyZone system to help keep you accountable to hard work. It gives you (and us) a live look at your heart rate during your training. You’ll get an email after each workout to tell you how many calories you burned and how hard you were working.

How many days a week should I come?

The majority of our members train 3 or 4 days a week. We will help you set up the best plan for you once we learn more about you and what your specific goals are.

Does it matter what days of the week I come?

Our program is set up for you to come on whatever days work for you. The training may be slightly different but will put you on the path to achieving your goals no matter what days you choose.

I’m a “runner”, is this right for me?

Strength and agility are the foundations of running and our runners see improvements in performance.

I’ve got prior injuries and limitations, can I still do this?

YES! We will customize each group workout to fit your ability and fitness level and work around any limitations you may have. Within each class we typically have 4-6 options for each movement and can easily find one that will work for you.

Do you do sport specific training?

We strongly believe that the foundation of success for any young athlete lies in strength training and we train our athletes to move safely, correctly, and with confidence while increasing their strength. This strength is what directly influences speed, change of direction, and power on the field of play. If your athlete is older we will also prescribe movements and drills specific to their sport.

Do you do personal training?

Yes. Do you want personal training?

Do you do a warmup or stretch?

Before each class we do a dynamic warmup to get our joints loose and body temperature up. Then we do a targeted movement warmup that is tailored to what we will be doing in that specific class.

I’m shy, can I handle the group?

We have the most welcoming group you could imagine. Each and every time you walk in the gym, you’ll be greeted by a coach as well as other athletes who will make you feel comfortable…even if you’re typically a wallflower.

Are you going to yell at me?

No. If you want a Drill Sergeant, enlist in the army or go to a pretend boot camp. We will motivate you and you’ll achieve your goals all day long without senseless yelling.

Does exercising with the lights low like Orange Theory give you a better workout?

The science is pretty clear. Exercising with the lights out isn’t any more beneficial than exercising with the lights on.

Is it fun?

Absolutely. Why would we create a gym that wasn’t? Great question, right? If you don’t truly enjoy the atmosphere, you aren’t going to stay and you aren’t going to get lasting results.

Can I bring friends?

Only if they are nice people and only if you want them to get healthier every day.

Can I come once a week and mix in Spin and Zumba and Jazzercise?

You are welcome to try that but without a doubt the people that get the best results in fitness stick to one program. Mentally, it may feel great to bounce around from class to class but in reality it simply isn’t the best for results.

Do you test body composition?

We do. We will measure your bodyfat, muscle mass, and water weight when you start with us and you’ll have the opportunity to monitor your levels throughout your time in the gym.

Do you have showers?

Yes and they are clean, beautiful, and private. We’ve had members choose to shower in the gym rather than at home because they like them so much. Kidding, not kidding.

Do you have coffee?

We are technically a BYOC joint. You are welcome to take part in the bean sharing program and use the espresso maker to brew up a fresh cup whenever you’re ready. It’s a nice alternative to the garbage energy drink you are currently using.