6 Easy Ways to Become a Morning Person

If you’re reading this on your phone while laying in bed, you should probably pay close attention. I want to talk to you about how to become a morning person.

In one of my past lives, I worked at the Chicago Board of Trade where I had to be at work around 5:45 am every morning. That’s at work and ready to function, not at work and ready to go back to bed. When I started, honestly, I was miserable. It took a few weeks of red eyes and alarm clock abuse to feel great in the morning, but it eventually happened. I can promise you that if you can make a change to get up earlier, you will thank me. There is still nothing like being the first one up and getting ready for your day while most of the world is hitting snooze for the fifth time. Let’s go over some of the secrets to making the change…

1. The first step is realizing that you need to become a morning person.

According to Forbes.com, research has shown, not only are early risers more optimistic and conscientious, they also anticipate problems and minimize them more efficiently. If that isn’t reason enough … don’t forget that your kids aren’t up yet. For real … quiet time to yourself in the morning. OK? Now am I getting through to you?

2. Have your morning to-do list ready before you go to bed.

This will put your mind at ease around bed time and also give you an immediate sense of purpose when you get up in the morning.

3. Have your workout clothes out in a pile and your work clothes in a gym bag ready to go

This saves you the time in the morning and saves you from mismatching your clothes again. Bonus: Put them in the bathroom so you only have to walk in and flip on the light. You’ll save your spouse from the abrupt wake-up and you can brag later on about how you beat them out of bed that day.

4. Put your alarm clock across the room

No more blindly reaching over to swipe your phone. Getting up to walk across the room will get those juices flowing right away. If you still don’t want to get up, the slap from your husband or wife will help.

5. Have a quick morning routine

Try brushing your teeth and splashing some water on that disbelieving face of yours. I promise it will help. If these don’t do the trick, go full-fledged shower. I went fifteen years without a morning shower, with only my head under the sink. I still don’t understand how you animals can get into bed dirty at night.

6. Reward yourself!

Have that cup of coffee right away. “Science” may say you should wait until 9am to line up with your cortisol drop, but those scientists weren’t up before six doing their research. So who are they to talk?

So there it is…the answer key. That was actually my personal routine that got me to work for 15 years by 6am most every day. Feel free to put your individual spin on it. Like everything in life, and just like training, different things work for different people.

If you’ve got some good ideas please post them so we can try them out.

Now excuse me while I go wake my kids up for school….